When an entire outfit is centered around one bold, luxe, statement piece the perfect balance is ensued when the remainder of the look is more basic. Use your imagination to choose your 'statement piece'! Whether it be a handbag that requires months of saving (Fendi, pictured below) or a timeless LBD (that will no doubt be your go-to dress for any polished special occasions) they are bound to grab the attention of (and inspire) observant onlookers.

While your main (expensive!) item will be the focus of your ensemble, you want the fringing (less chic... cheap!) pieces to compliment it, otherwise you'll be left looking careless and desperate as you try and show off your designer buy.

For your cheaper items, think denim shorts, basic tshirts, feminine prints, subtle accessories.

Statement piece: Pink Poly Garbardine with Ribbon Detail Skirt, USD790, YSL.

This outfit has been compiled using a YSL skirt as the focus item, with each remaining piece completing the look, priced under $60, proving it is possible to put together some of your best outfits using your cheapest finds.

Floral print cup corset, USD60,
Lace up boots, USD40,
Vintage floral quilted cross body bag, GBP25,
Sonja bracelet, USD50,
Carolee double drop cognac earrings, USD38,

Chic + Cheap. It's never over-done and balances out your wardrobe perfectly!