I don't know about you but Fall is my favorite time of year! It could be the cool weather, it could be the feeling getting closer to the holidays, or it could just be the fashion that comes with it! It's time to let go of the Summer dresses and bring in the leather, blazers and jeggings!

<How to get this look:

Leather jacket, wedges and a handbag is in need, I prefer to have matching leather such a brown or black. Then add a few simple additional styles with it such as tank top, shorts with pantyhose or jeggings. 























<How to get this look: Blazer, hoodie, jeggings|jeans, wedges and handbag that matches are in order for this outfit. You will need to have a hoodie under the blazer in which matches the jeggings or jeans color. Studs are also a great accessory to add to this outfit, as it goes with the leather look very nicely. 

^How to get this look: It's time to bring in the pea coats everyone! Though, in some places it may not be cold enough just yet. A long pea coat, leggings|jeggings, wedges and a handbag is in need. 

>How to get this look: Plaid is back! And this has to be one of my favorite styles, and what do you need for this look? A white tank, plaid button up, scarf with long beanie, boots or wedges, and a handbag. Note: I absolutely love the long beanie look! I think it gives a nice little edgy look.

The difference I would of made: I would of matched the shoes with the handbag with a style of leather OR would of matched the shoes with the beanie|scarf as well as matched the handbag with the tank top. 


<How to get this look: This outfit would be best for a formal night out, or dinner. The best part about Fall is being able to extend the classy fashionable styles! What do you need? A dress with a significant design on it, studded also a great look! Then pantyhose, and black heels (studded would also fit perfect).  



Now, what is YOUR fashionable ideas for Fall?