Whether you've seen the start of Fall, or are on the other side of the world settling into Spring, it's that time of year where we are in-between our extreme seasons and need to put more thought into our ensembles, just for practicality. Will I be too hot in a jacket? Should I throw in a scarf, just incase?

But! The trans-seasonal period doesn't need to be a succession of mediocre outfits to accommodate for unpredictable weather. It's a chance for us to experiment with our wardrobes and create a whole set of new looks, appropriate for a sudden cool change or heat wave. Beckoning lightweight outerwear and accessories to complete this look!


It's not quite time for heavy knits, or for those coming into warmer months, we're not 100% prepared to walk out of the house in only shorts and a tank. Our saviour?

Long-sleeved, collared, button up shirts
worn as a lightweight jacket.
This is the perfect alternative to a heavy Winter jacket, but won't leave you freezing. As well as being the ultimate Spring cover up, minus the sweltering.
Getting your hands on a classic tailored shirt to work with your current wardrobe will prove to be less than a challenge. Think plain colours, for an addition that will suit an array of different looks, avoiding any clashing patterns.

Tips: Don't be scared to explore the Men's section. Over-sized = YES. Thrift stores are a must.

Try: byCORPUS Chambray Button-Down Shirt, USD58, Urban Outfitters.
        Urban Jungle Shirt, AUS49.95, Alibi


Head over to Polyvore ( Create sets of outfits and spark your inspiration by putting together looks which are like that of your current wardrobe or determine your future purchases to get your trans-seasonal ensembles completed to perfection!