CHULA VISTA, CA-EIGHTTH DAY OF WARPED TOUR! Here’s another ‘Warped Tour Edition’ of my series ‘Behind the Scenes’ with a Warped Tour veteran to try to get an idea of what really happens, and what really goes into working this very long, very hot, tour. This will give you some tips on what to wear/ where to eat/ how to get involved with the festival/ the do’s and don’ts of Warped Tour and some bands you should check out while there. Let the countdown begin!

Here's Ziggy Williamson, his work ranges from being a Artist Manager, Tour Manager, Guitar and Drum Tech, Merch Manager, Graphic Designer, Photographer and Video Editor,.


Tell us a little about yourself(name, current job title, ect)

Hello, My name is Ziggy Williamson, I am currently the Tour Manager for We Are The In Crowd!!


Position(s) held when on Warped Tour:

Oh geeze.... from 99-06 I was music-lover, and fan, in 07 I worked for Epitaph Records, 08 I did merch for The Academy Is..., 09 I was with Forever The Sickest Kids, now I'm with the unstoppable WE ARE THE IN CROWD


How many summers on Warped?

I was on all of 07,08, and 09, skipped 10, 11 and now 12.


How did you first get involved with the tour/ any previous experience?

Well when I was just a youngin, going to shows in Ohio, I honestly never really thought this would be the "path" my life would take. And by path, I mean working in the Music Industry. Honestly, the weird, small twists and turns that produces a 27 year old man that still is willing to be away from home, punish himself with hard labor daily, and have the salary in the same ballpark as a Starbucks barista is many.


Describe a typical day working the tour:

Wake up around 7am. Help our stage (Tilly's Stage all summer!) unload from the truck. Help our tech with any miscellaneous labor. Arrange Guest List, arrange press, and arrange signings. Get the band where they need to be, when they need to be there (not an easy task). Help merch. Talk to bus driver. Help load out. Figure out logistics of touring. Always be honest, organized, and patient. Count money. Maybe drink a singular beer. Go to bed early.


Survival tips for Warped Tour (for both crew and fans):

After a long day of windmill kicks and walls of death, you have to drink that water.


Do’s and don’ts of Warped Tour:

Do be nice to each other and listen to tons of music. Don't be an elitist.


What to wear/not to wear:

I would recommend sunny glasses, SPF 50 (slathered on face and body), and real shoes! You would be surprised how many toes I've seen destroyed by the Mosh Monster.


Best live performance(s) you have seen at Warped:

Well when I was a fan, my favorite performances and performers were RX Bandits, NOFX, Thursday, Glassjaw and Poison The Well. When I worked it I really loved watching Paramore in 2007 (?)....that was awesome!


Best and worst part about working Warped?



Was it/is it what you thought it would be like?

Well, now that I have a couple Warped Tours under my belt, I still have to be on my toes. This is a difficult tour and the problems and solutions to those problems change from year to year. It's tough and unpredictable, so to answer your question, yes, it is what I thought it would be...unpredictable....make sense???


Favorite city and/or best venue Warped Tour stops in:

Best: Vancouver (RIP), The Gorge (Seattle RIP), Montreal, and Denver!

Worst: Um, Florida.


Best place(s) to eat while being out on the tour:

People have time to eat on Warped Tour?!


Favorite Warped Tour memory/ story/experience:

What happens on Warped Tour stays on Warped Tour!! Just Kidding....there are just so many awesome, great, and possibly embarrassing experiences I can't tell just one!


Advice for first timers (for both crew and fans):

Water, Sunscreen, don't be a dick!


If someone wanted to work on Warped Tour how would they go about it?

Good luck!


If you're going to be on tour this summer, what are you most looking forward to?

I actually am on tour this summer and I'm looking forward to getting tan, getting ripped, getting hot, and getting sweaty


Anything else you’d like to share?