VENTURA, CA -DAY 7 OF WARPED TOUR!! Here’s another ‘Warped Tour Edition’ of my series ‘Behind the Scenes’ with another Warped Tour veteran to try to get an idea of what really happens, and what really goes into working this very long, very hot, tour. This will give you some tips on what to wear/ where to eat/ how to get involved with the festival/ the do’s and don’ts of Warped Tour and some bands you should check out while there. Let the countdown begin!

Today is Franny Lopez, who is working with the non profit organization Feed Our Children this summer.


Position(s) held when on Warped Tour:

Tour Coordinator / Tour Manager


How many summers on Warped?

3 1/2 Years!


How did you first get involved with the tour/ any previous experience?

I first got involved with Warped Tour in 2009 when I was working for a non-profit and I did half the tour.


Describe a typical day working the tour:

Describe a typical day working the tour: I wake up around 7am get dressed and hit up catering for all the fruit and oatmeal and I can eat! I then make my way to the trucks and gather my things. The Feed Our Children NOW Tent sets up outside the main gate and my day starts as soon as I get outside. I’m surrounded by thousands of kids from the minute I walk outside till about 2pm when everyone has gone inside. I then pack up my tent and go inside where we have a second tent that we use to host band meet and greets and acoustic sets. The day ends with a cold shower and a few goodnight kisses.


Survival tips for Warped Tour (for both crew and fans):

Drink lots of water, Wear comfortable shoes, Eat breakfast!!!! & Have a good time.


Do’s and don’ts of Warped Tour:

 Do Donate canned food to Feed Our Children NOW! Don't die.


What to wear/not to wear:

Wear shorts, comfy shoes, tank tops. Don’t wear a trench coat.


Best live performance(s) you have seen at Warped:

Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band in 2010, Larry and his Flask in 2011, Dead Sara in 2012


Best and worst part about working Warped?

The best would be the people. It’s like a huge family reunion and I really enjoy spending time with them. The worst would be the heat! It’s ruthless.


Was it/is it what you thought it would be like?

Yes! I was warned many times my first time out how hard it would be but I learned to adapt. Now it’s my home away from home.


Favorite city and/or best venue Warped Tour stops in:

I love Portland!! And my favorite venue would have to be Camden NJ!


Best place(s) to eat while being out on the tour:

Watercourse foods in Denver CO


Favorite Warped Tour memory/ story/experience:

I wouldn't even know where to begin with this. I have so many memories!


Advice for first timers (for both crew and fans):

Yes, Pack lightly, Drink lots of water and know how to handle your liquor intake!


If someone wanted to work on Warped Tour how would they go about it?

I would have to say get out there and show the companies and bands what you can do! If you believe in yourself so will they!


If you're going to be on tour this summer, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited to see my friends, and to sleep in my bunk. I Always have the worst insomnia and can never sleep but for some reason when I’m on the bus I sleep like a baby.