Robby Starbuck is a very talented Music Video Director from Southern California. He has done music videos for such bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Yellowcard, Metric, The Sounds, Silverstein, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Snoop Dogg. Now he’s here to talk about what inspires him to pursue this industry and his future plans.

You’ve directed many videos throughout many diverse genres of music including: Yellowcard, Snoop Dogg, Jonny Craig, Smashing Pumpkins, The Dangerous Summer, and Pierce The Veil. How do they all differ from each other? And is there a genre that you like working with better?

To be candid they are all VERY VERY VERY different.  Each video is a miracle that it happens and actually gets finished.  Music Videos aren't like anything else - they're wild ideas on short time frames, usually shot in 1 day.  They get turned around within 2 weeks usually.  It's an insane schedule and each is very different in it's planning. You almost become an expert in the weirdest things with each shoot. Say it's focused on a specific thing like say 'wrestling' was for my Smashing Pumpkins video, well then I have to learn essentially everything about wrestling in a crash course teaching myself.  There isn't a genre I like more at all.  I love the wild & spontaneous nature of each being such a new & exciting experience.

What inspires you?

My wife, my daughter, my thoughts.  Sometimes photographs inspire me as well.  Generally my mind is just so focused I'm into what's up there in my brain jumping around.  I'm inspired by light & dark very equally.  I try to bring a dichotomy to my art through how differences inspire me.

 You started your own company, RSM Creative; can you tell us more about why and how you decided to start it?

Well it's actually called RSM - the "creative" part was for the website but to some people it stuck so we get called that from time to time. 

I had dreams of being signed to the big production companies when I started and when I finally got offered some deals from companies I had always been dying to sign with the first thing I did was visit their offices.  I hated it.  It was such a soulless place.  So I decided then and there in that office that I would create my own company and that it'd be a legacy in the music video business one day.

 If you could work with one band that you have either worked with before or would like to work with for the first time, who would it be?

Hmmm... Nine Inch Nails... or Johnny Cash... Or Maryiln Manson... Or Eminem... Maybe.... Florence and the Machine? I can't just pick one! Haha


Ryan Key, the lead singer of Yellowcard, wrote the incredible song “Sing For Me” last year. He turned a personal struggle into inspiration when his Aunt Stephanie was diagnosed with brain cancer. You came up with the genius idea for the “Sing For Me” video, how did you come up with this idea?

First of all thank you for calling my idea 'GENIUS'! I love being flattered! So the idea really just came naturally.  It's hard to explain my process because it really is such a natural thing.  The song felt like a cry from real people to me.  So that's what I wanted to see was REAL people with REAL pain crying out.  My hope in that was that we inspire people to be a safe place for people, think about others, DO for others and be careful how you treat people.  I couldn't be more proud from the response we've gotten.


Lastly what’s in stores for you in 2012?

A LOT! Bigger everything, more everything, hopefully a movie.  You are all in for a lot of surprises from me!!