Interview with The Nearly Deads

The Nearly Deads are an alternative band from Nashville, TN. I recently got a chance to interview the band about how they got started, why they moved from Florida to Tennessee, and who can bench press the most. The band also held a contest in light of the interview to see which of their fans could come of with the most creative question. The winner received a free signed photo. Read on to see who won!

Q: How did you all meet, and what made you guys decide to form the band?
TJ, Steven and Cory met in Tampa through mutual friends. Steven and Cory were in a band called Dangerflight who decided to move to Nashville for better opportunities. TJ moved up shortly after to pursue her musical endeavors as well. The singer of Dangerflight never ended up moving to Nashville and so TJ decided to try out for the band. Of course she was awesome and from there The Nearly Deads formed.

Q: What inspired the name of the band?
There is a saying in Florida that the state is for “Newly weds and Nearly Deads”. We thought it had a nice ring to it, looked good on paper and payed homage to our Tampa roots.

Q: You guys released the music video for “Never Look Back” not too long ago. What made you guys want to have a zombie theme to it?
From the moment we began recording Never Look Back our producer Jon King of Page2Music insisted on making a zombie music video for it. Being big fans of zombie movies we couldn’t refuse. A few months later Jon bought a camera and other film gear and we shot the film over two days in our neighborhood and basement. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Q: I saw that someone mentioned that you all moved from Tampa, FL to Nashville, TN country music capital of the nation (possibly the world!). Why did you guys move?
Nashville does seem to be a strange move for a rock band. One thought was that we might stand out more being based in a city not dominated by our genre. We also thought it was more affordable and a nice size compared to L.A. or New York. Another plus to Nashville is its great central location, its in a perfect area for touring.

Q: What is your favorite song to perform live?
The Perfect Cure; it is bouncy and fun to dance to.

Q: Which one of you can bench press the most?
TJ - She can hold an entire audience in the palm of her hand!

Q: Who are your favorites bands / singers right now?
Brand New, Billy Talent, Taking Back Sunday, Mew, Foo Fighters, Silversun Pickups

Q: If you guys could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? Why?
TJ - Alkaline Trio or The Used; They are two of my biggest lyrical influences and I think it would be amazing to work with either of them.
Steven - Dave Grohl; The music he writes is timeless and I think he has a down to earth personality and might actually be interested in working with us.

Q: What can we expect from The Nearly Deads in 2012?
TOURING!, new merchandise and possibly some new recordings. We will always continue to stay connected with our fans and keep everyone updated with photos, behind the scenes videos and other treasures for all our amazing fans, a.k.a “zombies”.

The Winning Twitter Fan Question! Do you have a guilty pleasure such as Justin Bieber?
TJ - Eminem, Good Charlotte
Steven - Movie/Video Game soundtracks, Da Da Da by Trio
Cory - Foreigner, Brittany Spears
Kevin - Notorious B.I.G., Ke$ha
Brandon - Lady Gaga, Musical Numbers from Disney Cartoons

The Winning Facebook Fan Question! A planet is named after you, what do the Aliens look like?
They look like the generic cardboard cut-out aliens in the first episode of South Park......... there are also Cat People and Ewoks!

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