Four years after the release of Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! and we’re finally receiving the next instalment from hellogoodbye. But don’t be expecting a replication of their previous stuff at all! Would It Kill You? is completely stripped of any electronic powerpop you’d be anticipating from hellogoodbye, in exchange for raw, ukulele inspired indie rock.

The departure from pure power-pop, has allowed the boys to really develop and explore their musicality on this record and the end product is an optimistic collection of humble love songs.  Lyrics wise, hellogoodbye stick to what they’re good at with pure simplicity reiterated from start to finish, but this doesn’t mask the fact that the record is a mature progression for the group. Lead singer, Forrest Kline gives such an honest performance on the record, his vocal performance more natural than the electronic alterations fans would be used it. Would It Kill You? is track after track of catchy, indie pop that will excite loyal fans as well as attract a whole new audience.

The album artwork for Would It Kill You? is a quirky collection of framed photographs, paintings and décor... A pretty heavy juxtaposition to Jesse LeDoux’s (of LeDouxville) work for the Z! A! V! D! album artwork but it couldn’t more be suited to hellogoodbye's developed sound – full of indie quirk!

Not only showing us how their sound has matured, the boys have stepped it up a bit with their image as well. Latest shoots of the boys gives us a glimpse at the trouser-clad, collared shirts and cardigan wearing men, obviously having undergone a transition from their days in the locker room wearing only towels.

‘Finding Something To Do’ is the upbeat opening track which proves that these boys don’t need their powerpop roots to set the scene for their latest record. ‘When We First Met’ keeps the optimism present with a reminiscent love story and is definitely a highlight on the album (and the first single). The second half of the album flows from the bare, romantic confessional ‘The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps’ to Kline’s own call and response on ‘I Can Never Relax’, delivering a Phantom Planet-esque sing-a-long.

BEST TRACKS: Getting Old, When We First Met, Coppertone.

SOUNDS LIKE: Phantom Planet – Raise The Dead
Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
The Spinto Band – Nice and Nicely Done.

Due for release on November 9 (Wasted Summer).

Check out the video for the first single, 'When We First Met'.