A Day to Remember released there fourth studio album What Separates Me from You on November 16th 2010. It is a well known fact that A Day to Remember have become one of the most popular bands in there genre over recent years thanks to the success of Homesick. If you were to ask the majority would hardcore blend with pop they would simply laugh away such a ludicrous question. However, A Day to Remember knew no boundaries and took a very successful chance.

   What Separates Me from You opens with the energetic track "Sticks & Bricks", taking their hardcore element to the maximum within seconds, it is raw yet catchy with possibly the best chorus the album has to offer. However, they offer the listener a totally different option with there track "It's Complicated". It is a thumping, guitar driven pop anthem that you would expect to hear on the radio, really showcasing the bands ability to cross genre boundaries. Throughout, the album it becomes very clear that Jeremy McKinnon has really developed as a vocalist as he really looks to maximize his softer tones on the track "All Signs Point to Lauderdale", you may think this could prove difficult but once again they manage to prove you wrong. But, don't panic for those of you who love this band for there hardcore element there is still plenty on offer for you here, they do not loose there edge with fantastic breakdowns that will leave you begging for more. The track "2nd Sucks" is the perfect example of the classic A Day to Remember you grew to love.

   Overall, I feel this is the perfect mix of there previous releases. It is not difficult to argue that they really found a winning sound here with the help of Chad Gilbert as their producer for the second time around. This is a combination that seems to work very well and I really hope they look to work together in the future. What's next in store for A Day to Remember who knows but as long as they produce anthems for everyone no matter there genre they will be fine. If you haven't yet purchased What Separates Me from You, then I whole heartedly recommend that you do so.

Overall: 8/10