A revolution is hitting the UK over and spreading overseas like wild fire, people just can’t get enough of original vintage fashion. With 70’s fashion inspiring our summer season wardrobe, more people want original vintage pieces.

From charity shops, to specialist vintage stores, vintage is everywhere and favoured by the likes of Alexa Chung, feisty Florence from Florence and the Machine, Nicole Richie and many more.

It’s such a big trend, it has gone further than just stores, there are now dedicated festivals and fashion events for vintage lovers to get their vintage fix. Here in the UK, The Vintage Fair travelling events company tour the UK to bring all the best vintage traders to one venue for an all day fashion event. There is no need to thrift through the trillions of stores, The Vintage Fair brings all the best handpicked pieces ready to try and buy for your shopping pleasure.

 This is a brilliant way to spend your weekend, these one off events are a world away from the high street and it is a lovely alternative way to shop. I’m sure you’ve been lectured a million times by your parents about how you spend way too much money on new clothes and only wear once, well vintage clothing is a world away from the disposable fashions of today, think of it more as a ‘fashion investment’. Each piece has a colourful history and is made of high quality materials, with extra care gone into its making, so maybe it’s time to let your inner vintage lover out and join the vintage revolution.

By re-loving a vintage piece, you’ll be doing your bit for mother earth too. So not only will you have fashion lovers envious of your unique style, you’ll be helping by recycling gorgeous clothing which doesn’t want to be thrown away. This helps cut down the tonnes of waste that ‘disposable fashion’ contributes too every year, clogging up our waste pipes even further than needed.

I have been a big fan of vintage for a few years, visiting The Vintage Fair all over the UK. It’s not just about the beautiful fashion that’s on display, the people who hand pick the gorgeous pieces are equally as wonderful, with tonnes of stories and fashion advice it’s like having a bunch of amazing personal shoppers for the day!

Along with all the vintage clothing and accessories, The Vintage Fair hosts an amazing Vintage Tea Party serving up the best cupcakes which are famous all over the country. It really is like going back in time, where afternoon tea was a daily occurrence. With scrummy cake and tea offered to all, set in cute surroundings with buntings, china tea sets and floral decor it completes the perfect vintage day out, there is no better way to relax after a busy day shopping.

The Vintage Fair has been offering an alternative way to shop since launching in Sheffield in 2008, since then it has grown bigger and better hosting events from Scotland down to Brighton. This summer The Vintage Fair is spreading its vintage wings celebrating vintage at festivals all summer long, so be sure to start your very own vintage revolution by getting yourself along to these wonderful fashion events.