Adventure Awaits!


Tired of going through the same routine day after day? Does your urban life style need a little spontanity? Then look no further! The breath-taking sceanery of Alaska may be exactly what you need to renew and refresh your outlook on life. Not only is there a new land to explore, but a whole different culture as well! Touched by the broad diversity of the inhabitants, Alaska is truly an ideal example of the expression "American Melting Pot" and reflects this with the numerous destinations and people you will come across on your journey.

There are new experiances around every corner, Alaska has something to offer to all it's visitors. If you're looking for an outdoor escape try hiking Ancorage's own FlatTop, taking a trip to Denali National Park, Rafting in Telkeetna, or salmon fishing off the strait of Homer. Remember to bring your camera! You're sure to see some beautiful creatures on your journey, anything from bears to whales! For you internet junkies like myself that can't bare to loose contact with the virtual world for more then an hour, there are options for you to! Catch a train ride on the Alaskan Rail-Road and open your eyes to the majestic sights before you! Or maybe attend a play at Historic Down Town Anchorage's Performing Arts Center. Countless museums and art exhibits are sure to capture the appreciation of even the most stubborn critique. Down Town Anchorage is always happening, native dancing in town square, trolly tours and concerts featuring local residents are always eager to show you a time you won't soon forget!

So what are you waiting for? Your adventure awaits.