The Manor of Paris


Is it an amusement park? A museum? A haunted house?

The Manor of Paris is a mix of all that. This unique place, hidden in the dark streets of Paris, was created by Adil Houti, an American who has previously

 created several haunted houses in the United States. 

The Manor enacts some of the darkest stories of Paris, using an ancient house that scans two grand stories and employing around 25 actors, each

 more terrifying than the next. 

We were invited to the Manor for their Halloween event; the layout of the Manor changed specially for the holiday. Very excited by this new attraction,

 we went to the Manor, pleased by the very idea! 

Upon arrival, a long queue lines before us. It is in this queue, while waiting in the line, that the atmosphere starts, as monsters wander the street amongst us.

After a wait that will prove to be well worth it, we enter the mansion in small groups. Each room is different, and the sets, as well as the moving actors, take our breath away. We do not know what will jump out next, where the next surprise will come from, or who will prevent you from passing.

Werewolf, monsters, bloody killers, even darkness itself, are used to terrify you. Your worst fears are here and the actors are giving their best and all are very realistic.

The ceiling is falling, the walls are closing in on you. The manor is filled with cries, screams, and other noises. Every possible element is implemented so that you will never forget your stay in the Manor.

We found the haunted house excellent and chillingly realistic. The actors and the sets combined perfectly to create an experience that was truly unforgettable!


We interviewed Adil Houthi, the creator of the Manor

Introduce yourself in a few sentences. For example, where are you from? Where do you live?

I'm Belgian-American, I was born in Belgium, raised in America. Paris has been my home for a few years now.

 What changes occur at the Manor during the Halloween period? What do you do differently than during the rest of the year?

Halloween is our favorite time of year, it's a chance to let loose creatively and challenge ourselves to come up with new ideas for sets, costumes, masks, makeup. 

The regular version of our show brings to life 17 legends of Paris. Stories that people know and love, such as the phantom of the opera, the man in the iron mask, Quasimodo; as well as some of the lesser known stories such as the assassin of the Tuileries gardens. We also hold special events throughout the year such as Easter, our anniversary, Christmas, and special "Dark Nights" for the ultra brave.   


We know that Halloween is a very important festival in the United States. However, it is much less important in France. Why did you chooseParis?

When we were preparing for our first halloween at Le Manoir de Paris in 2011, I was repeatedly told "the French don't celebrate Halloween". I can tell you from experience that it's not true. Halloween is our busiest time of year, and 90% of our clients are French. The French may not have a long history of celebrating Halloween, and they may not quite have the hang of trick or treating, but it's starting to become embraced as the fun holiday that it is. 

When choosing a location for this project, Paris was the perfect setting. Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world, and yet it didn't have any of the haunted attractions that you can find in other cities across Europe and the world. The history of the city lends itself perfectly to the story telling aspect of our show. 

Tell us more about the Halloween project. How is the course organized?

Our halloween show is similar to an American style haunted house. We've upped the levels of fear and developed new ways to scare clients from every angle. Clients follow the path through 1000m2, over 2 floors, meeting horrible monsters around every turn. 


How many roles are there in the mansion? How many employees do you have

During the halloween show we have 45 monsters and 12 staff. Our regular show has 23 actors and 6 staff members.  

Who should come visit the mansion? Who is the targeted audience?

Anyone who likes to get scared or is seeking a new experience should come visit Le Manoir. Our audience varies, we see a lot of 16-25 year olds, but also a lot of families (keep in mind that our show is not recommended for kids under 10), a lot of couples and plenty of bachelor/bachelorette parties. 


What makes the manor unique in a city like paris?

Le Manoir is unique because it's a show with live actors, it's interactive, and gives you a thrill similar to being on a roller coaster, without ever having left the city. 

 What is the difference between a Parisian and an American mansion?

American haunted houses tend to be open only for the halloween season, and we're year round. Le Manoir also focuses heavily on the quality of the show given by our actors. We hire professional actors and spend a lot of time training them for the particularities of our show. American haunted houses also tend to be in warehouses, while we're located in the heart of the city, in a beautiful building that's classified as a historic monument.  


The thrills are guaranteed ?

Everyone who comes through will have a blast with memories to last a life time.

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