The concert took place at Cargo inside Commrow in Reno, Nevada. The Venus holds around 700 fans in an intimate and sophisticated setting. Even though the show was supposed to start at 8 it got pushed back until 9.

The opening act was Xenia, one of the many contestants from The Voice season 1.Her voice is absolutely astounding! There are many great bands that can pull off an amazing concert and come close to what they sound like on their album, but I can definitely say it doesn’t even come close to how amazing she sounds live. A live concert of a band you’ve never heard of can be a win or lose and it was definitely a win, she gained many fans that night.

Some of the songs she performed were “Light Years”, “Summer Dress”, “Snap Shot”, a cover of Neon Tree’s songs “Animal”, and a new song called “Hypnotized” that she’s never performed live yet, and that song completely showed off her amazing voice.

After 30 minutes changing the stage gear, Scars On 45 came out.

Scars On 45 came to Reno back in February when they opened for The Fray and made a fan out of me. They are an amazing 6 piece group from Leeds, England that have been working as hard as they possibly can to make their dreams reality, by playing gigs all over the U.S. for the last couple years.

Earlier this year the band conducted their first headlining tour of North America, featuring support from solo artist Anya Marina who is also signed to Atlantic's Chop Shop record label. In February, they opened for The Fray in a west coast tour, and then resumed the final dates of their headline tour. They are now headlining throughout the summer and will play additional dates in support of "The Voice" finalist Dia Frampton.


Right before their self-titled debut album was released on April 10, 2012, they made their American network television debut as musical guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 2.

A few weeks ago Scars On 45 performed The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” for Billboard Magazine. They chose that song to perform because when Scars on 45 first started out, vocalist Aimee Driver wasn't part of the band; that is, not until they heard her sing that Cure song and decide her voice would be perfect for the group. At the show on in Reno they performed it again, completely flawlessly.

Their performance was short and sweet, 30 minutes, but they did a magnificent job at keeping the crowd entertained, and laughing.  The performed a mix of songs ; “Give Me Something”, “Promises and Empty Words”, “Don’t Say”, “Loudest Alarm”, and their hit single “Hearts On Fire.” Towards the end of performing “Hearts On Fire” Aimee (lead singer) reach into the audience and took a girls phone while she was videotaping them and gave her a great, close up, video, which you can watch right here.

This band is a band that you should see at least once in your live. With these amazing passionate lyrics and the fact that they put their entire heart and souls into every single song you know that they want this career with everything they have.

You can see more live photos from this show here.