The Cab has had an interesting past couple of years. A dramatic lineup change and a departure from a popular record label can usually damage a band’s fan base, but in The Cab’s case, that is simply not true. Their latest release, Symphony Soldier, was widely received as an excellent album by fans and critics alike. They toured with fan-favorite All Time Low in the fall of 2011, and departed on their headlining tour with The Summer Set, The Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour, in January of 2012. This tour is not to be missed. With support from He is We, Days Difference, and Paradise Fears, The Cab and The Summer Set put on one fantastic show.


The long, winding line of fans outside the venue in St. Louis, Missouri were no where close to being inside the venue as the first band took the stage. The sold out crowd continually poured in as Paradise Fears warmed up the audience. Although the youthful band played typical pop music, their exploding stage energy was impressive. Frontman Sam Miller easily got the crowd jumping within seconds of one of their songs. Even though the majority of the crowd was unfamiliar with their music, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as they continuously moved to the beat. To throw a little flare into their set, Paradise Fears mixed two covers. The band played Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts” and Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without the ‘e’” to perfection. The young band put on a fantastic set. Paradise Fears is a band to look out for in the future because their tremendous amount of live performance talent cannot be undercover for much longer.


Without much break time, Days Difference, a quartet from Virginia, took over the sold-out venue. Dressed in dark clothes and equipped with plenty of energy, Days Difference started a great set. They were much more laid back than Paradise Fears but nonetheless shook up the audience. Their music sounded very similar to some of The Killers’ songs.  Their overall attitude stood out quite different compared to the other bands of the lineup. The countless screams from the crowd made it clear that Days Difference had a solid following present that night. Even though they did not get as many bodies moving as Paradise Fears did, their melodic, personable music made their set quite enjoyable.


Overpowering screaming soon filled the tiny venue as He is We walked on stage. The Washington-based band began their set with unique songs that got the crowd pumped. Frontwoman Rachel Taylor gave an unexpected twist to the set with her unique voice, much different than other female-led pop bands. Trevor Kelly's acoustic guitar provided feel-good music to sway to. Hands constantly moved in the air to the mainly slow-paced music. As one fan plainly stated it, “They're good.” He is We definitely has the potential to play larger audiences. Their personable, friendly approach to playing their music kept the concertgoers involved. An unbearable amount of screaming ensued as Taylor brought up fan favorite Brian Dales of The Summer Set to sing “All About Us.” Steady clapping from the audience matched the pulsing beat throughout the last two songs of the set. Taylor spoke of love and her husband in such a sincere way to get a collective “aww” from the crowd every time they were mentioned. During the final song, “Happily Ever After,” nearly everyone in the crowd sang along to the feel-good melody. The pure talent of Taylor and Kelly mixed with their fantastic traveling band, Harrison Allen on drums, Carman Kubanda on bass guitar, and Aaron Campbell on keyboard/guitar, provided a fun-filled, inspirational set.


Not surprisingly, as The Summer Set jumped up on stage, the level of energy and screaming in the audience was the highest it had been the whole night. Fresh-faced Brian Dales kicked off his band's set with “Boys You Do (Get Back At You)” much to the crowd's pleasure. Dales' uniquely high-pitched voice instantly triggered waves of screaming from girls in the audience. The high energy of the set carried on as the band continued with “Punch Drunk Love.” Bodies did not stop moving throughout the first two songs. The Summer Set's sweet pop music encouraged everyone, no matter how old or young, to get up and dance. Before the band carried on their set with “Must Be The Music,” a few members of the audience screamed, “I love you, Brian!” Cute.

Nearly everyone knew the lyrics to “Must Be The Music” as they danced along to the high paced song. As Dales pounded the drums during the middle of the song, the crowd went wild and bobbed to the beat. The dazzling frontman encouraged the audience to produce a light as the band began “About a Girl.” The gentle acoustic guitar provided a slow part of the evening. Dales' genuine interactions with the crowd put smiles to many faces. He poked fun of his clean appearance as he told the crowd, “My band thinks I look like a Gap commercial more than a singer of a rock band.” He made his love of moving around stage and making fans feel welcome apparent as he engaged the crowd during “When We Were Young.” The positive energy in the venue spiked as “Mannequin” and fan favorite “Chelsea” played. The Summer Set created a fantastic blend of acoustic and electric guitar with a remix of “Thick as Thieves.” The addictive pop song “Someone Like You” encouraged fans to dance and move more than ever. The Summer Set closed out their set with “Young” as the large mass of fans in the audience moved as one. The electricity in the crowd made it obvious that The Cab had a very impressive set to follow.

The killer anticipation of seeing The Cab finally died as the band kicked off their set with “Angel With A Shotgun.” Right off the bat it was clear that The Cab brought a high energy set. The fans moved as one as frontman Alex DeLeon used his impeccable vocals in the addicting “Temporary Bliss.” It was impressive to see fans singing along to songs off of their new album, Symphony Soldier. Keyboardist Alex Marshall provided great melodies. DeLeon showed off his large range as he sang the touching “Endlessly.” Despite the crowd slowing down, it seemed that nearly everyone knew each lyric. DeLeon repeatedly encouraged the crowd to sing along and never stopped smiling appreciatively to his fans. The band’s fantastic crowd interaction progressed as they began “La La.” DeLeon teased the girls in the front row as he seductively slid off his jacket and continued on with the song.

The paced slowed as the band stepped off stage and left DeLeon and Marshall alone. DeLeon captured the crowd’s hearts as he free styled some Nelly, St. Louis’ favorite hometown rapper. He took a serious route as he dedicated his next song, “Vegas Skies,” to a girl in the audience who met him before the show and told him that the song changed her life. Fans screamed along to the gentle track from The Cab’s first album, Whisper War. They continued on with another fan favorite, “I’ll Run.” It was apparent the crowd was familiar with both new songs and old songs.


DeLeon brought back the rest of the band to perform their next song, “Animal.” That song brought out the heat as the fierce music and lyrics beckoned the crowd to move to the beat. The sea of swaying arms did not rest as another old song, “Take My Hand,” played. DeLeon introduced “Living Louder” with enthusiasm and optimism to convince his loyal fans to live their lives to the fullest. Brian Dales made another appearance as he confidently stood and sang by his “best friend” DeLeon. Cheers erupted as the uplifting song concluded. The Cab did not make an encore because, as DeLeon explained, there was no use in hiding from the crowd.

Much to the audience’s pleasure, after a brief talking break, the band continued on with “Bounce.” DeLeon demonstrated pure sensuality as he sang the song to perfection. As many fans know, numerous bands promise that they will meet their fans after their concert, but most of the time those promises are never kept. DeLeon made this promise before he started the final song, “Bad.” Fans jumped up and down to the successful track off of Symphony Soldier. Overpowering screams ensued after The Cab played the final note. Soon after their set, The Cab, accompanied by the other bands of the concert, filed out of the venue to meet their awaiting fans.

If you are looking for a fun-filled, feel-good concert, then the Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour is the tour for you. The variety of bands in the lineup provides a perfect evening for any type of concertgoer.