Meet the Team!

All of our coaches are Professionally Certified, and specialize in their on specific fields to ensure that you get the best results possible. Their end goal is to make sure you are the person that you have set yourself out to be from the beginning, and want their clients to want change and improvement. We know that we can get you there, all we need is you to believe in yourself.



Shannah is a Certified Coach specializing with adolescents, teens, young adults and parents. She also has expertise in trauma, and empowerment building. She works with both males and females, of any age.



Savanna specializes in women empowerment and development. She has been teaching yoga for years, and her desire is to bring you into the zen that you need to be in order to accomplish your aspirations.



Brandon is a Certified Coach specializing in meditation, and spiritual coaching. He has travelled all around the globe to learn the most impressive ways and methods to reach your spiritual goals.