Lights releases new single "Up We Go" and details of new album

Last week, Electropop singer Lights kept fans excited and confused by posting a 10 day countdown without indicating what was to be said or done once it ended. After posting images on her Instagram of numbers adorned in various ways, ranging from bedazzled on her cheek and written on pavement in chalk, the countdown ended with the announcement of her latest album, Little Machines.


The album will be her third effort since her previous album, Siberia, which was released in 2011.  She's released pre-orders to album and ticket bundles to her upcoming tour and the official audio to the lead single titled “Up We Go”.


The song is synth-y and catchy much like her previous work. The song doesn't break new ground for her as an artist but is still interesting and impressive nonetheless. The lyrics speak of moving up and forward and not looking back. One aspect that makes the song different from her previous efforts is that her voice is much louder and more confident than it's ever been. The album is  due to be released on September 23rd which kicks off her fall tour across Canada and the United States. Personally, as a huge Lights fan, I’m excited to hear her new work and see what sort of direction she chose to take with Little Machines.

“Up We Go” – 3/5

- Shelby Baker

Readers! Are you excited for her new album? What do you think of “Up We Go”? Here's the link if you haven't heard it yet! 


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