Band You Should Know: Belle Histoire

 Belle Histoire is defined as a band with the purpose of reinventing indie rock music while making universal art. In March of 2011, the five-piece from Cincinnati, Ohio built a new sound from the ground up with the lead singer Jane Smith and Aaron Hunt (Guitarist/Vocals). Shortly after they recruited Mitch Winsett (Bass/Vocals), Wes Comer (Drums) and Austin Livingood (Guitar/Keys/Vocals) to complete their new alternative sound. The band announced that they had signed with InVogue Records in January; with a four song EP entitled “I Can Tell” which was released on February 24th. Belle Histoire went into the studio on March 1st to record a full-length album, which will be released in Summer 2012. 


Here is the official video for "Be Alright":


Make sure to stop by their official website!

You can buy their newest EP "I Can Tell" for $3.99 on iTunes!


Songs to listen to: Be Alright, Stay Awhile, Misguided, Sailing Ships.