As we anxiously wait to get our hands on the long awaited 'Some Nights' album we can finally hear what the fun. guys have been hard at work at for the past couple years. Take a listen for your self, is it what you were expecting?! I definitely know it's going to be on my top albums of the year!


A note from, frontman, Nate Ruess;


Well I certainly hope this isn't the last time Google's crappy new e-mail interface saves me:

So, its 4:31 in the morning. At about 12:30AM I sat down alone in my living room and started to write you guys a letter, detailing what it is before you that you are about to hear....

I spent the first hour of this "novel" describing just how perfect it's been to have Jack and Andrew as partners in crime. How much we've grown together, and how crucial they are to this group and the songs we create. I went into great length about how on this album they never needed a moment to figure out what I was trying to describe, they just took it and made it something more special than it ever was in my head.....



Please take the time and go read the rest of Nate's magnificent letter, that he spent hours writing, over at their website . Don't forget to buy, or preorder, 'Some Nights' on 2/21/12!