Jonny Craig, front man for Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance, reportedly checked into a So Cal detox facility this week after being exposed for $8,000 - $12,800 worth of online fraud to fund his drug addiction.
Craig collected money from fans through his Twitter page in separate instances promising shipments of laptops and autographed band paraphernalia, which he never delivered on. When the exploited parties first started bringing his scam to light, the bold singer declared the evil doing was the result of elaborate online hacking. To this day, however, you can still read his numerous tweets advertising the sale of the Macbook(s) in question. "Black Mac book 800 OR BEST OFFER??!???????????"
Ultimately, the sad songbird checked himself into rehab, while his band's label and management company are currently footing the bill for reimbursement to all his swindled (former?) supporters.
The self proclaimed "Kevin Bacon of singing", who has been downright brazen about his drug and alcohol abuse, was actually kicked out of DGD in 2007 due to problems stemming from his addiction, but was brought back in last year.
Eric Lodge, bassist for DGD illustrates the diva frontman's recent con, claiming, "Selfish individuals often do egomaniacal things."   Indeed.
 I find it sad that someone so vacuous can have enough power to get tens of thousands of fans behind him in the first place, but especially to the extent of being able to so coolly extort money from them.
This goes beyond defining deviancy down, where the public gradually tolerates the intolerable.  Once upon a time we looked past the perversities of only deeply intellectual and gifted people who weren't harming anyone and had something measurable to add to the world.  These days, are we really that dazzled by sad sacks like our boy Jonny, whose best attempt at humor is the announcement of what private appendage he is scratching, and whose most cerebral additions read, "I got a dope ego"?  Do we marvel at self posted pictures of his bong and get ants in our pants over images of him in front of an implied mountain of coke wondering what this zany genius will think of next??  I know I'm about to achieve boregasm. 
But to put the final topping on this dude with all the depth of a pizza, taking advantage of the fans who have supported him is actually a new kind of low.  We never heard of Motley Crue hocking their used Walkmen or 3/4 full bottles of La Looks Level 8 Styling Gel to fund their drug usage.  I never saw Ozzy's old answering machine out on the merch table table next to his shirts.  And I'm almost 100% positive when Tommy Lee threw his sticks into the audience, he wasn't crowd surfing a donation can after them.  Granted, the music industry today isn't a speckle on the butt of what it was back then in terms of what we pay our musicians.  These days bands and solo artists have to be clever about how they market themselves in order to see a dime back for their creativity and hard work.  But I know a lot of them who press on happily and HONESTLY, with an understanding that having fans of what they do is a gift and an honor in itself.
I have to wonder if rehab will be the reality check this kid needs.  More likely, it will end up another proud notch in the belt used to so side-splittingly tie off his arm in a photo op.  Personally, I'd like to see this deadbeat online salesman rotting in the can for a couple years, OBO.