The Get Up Kids, the indie rock band from the mid 90's, is back after a three year hold that had fans all over the world worried about their all time favorite band.  With an outstanding performance last night on Fuse TV'S hit show Hoppus on Music, hosted by Blink-182's own bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, The Get Up Kids have proved that even after a decade of creating music, they are still in their prime state.  Performing a track off their newest album There Are Rules titled Rememorable, the band not only proved that they have what it takes to make an awesome live performance but also that they still possess the ability to write and record brilliant music.  The Get Up Kids also performed Shatter Your Lungs from the new album later on in the show after an interview with Hoppus where they discussed the history of their band and the music scene in their hometown in Kansas.  Also discussed was the three year break that they took, where they stated that they eventually got sick of constantly being around each other, which is a weakness that is very understandable from any point of view.  Lucky for us, they're back creating music and setting up tour dates!  Check out the videos from the live performance, and make sure to pick up their latest album There Are Rules!