What's Monsiéur up to this time?

Today I had the chance of catching up with Monsiéur Yésawi, the mastermind behind VISIONINFUSION and it's massive growth and support through West London's sub culture. Here's a brief sneak peak into their 'BLACKWHITE' S/S 2012 COLLECTION. 

What was your inspiration behind the collection?
"Our recent collection is inspired by our lifestyle and motto's the brand lives by. The two letters ‘VI’ short for VisionInfusion have been implemented within different words in our recent Black/White collection. We have embraced new words such as ‘VITIGERS’ Represents the Power & Strength of the brand with a big emphases on family,‘VILLAIN’ symbolizing that we are strong new comers to the game with a maintained and committed mind frame, ‘VIVAVI’ which is used in the name of our first video signifying our timeless creativity and compassion towards fashion and finally the ‘VICTORY’ is an ideal that the brand continually peruses to achieve." 

Stay tuned for full editorial on this brand's upcomings in our Inspirer.nu July issue!


Director Dexter Navy

Art Director Monsiéur Yésawi