Jose Duran grew up with a unique and inventive mind, objects everyone else rejected, he embraced, what other people seemingly found ugly, naturally he would find beautiful. These characteristics are continuously shown flawlessly throughout each and every collection Duran develops. Jose Duran has been featured in countless major magazines such as Metro Pop, Vogue, Prestige, Marie Claire Greece, Zink, Vision, Deluxx, The Fashionisto and many more. His Avant garde approach has been presented as a genius and diverse collaboration of art into fashion.

I get inspired by culture, people and hard times on human life. When I was younger I was always interested on things that no one liked. I always found the beauty of pictures and objects that were rejected by others. 
-said Duran on an interview with Factice Magazine

Jose Duran was born in a Caribbean island called Dominican Republic. His father a mechanic and mother a hairdresser you can see where these aspects come to resemble the strength and mechanical features yet seeped with delicacy and elegance throughout most of his perpetual pieces. From the shortest line to the longest drape, Duran’s designs are portrayed like no other. Featured by strong style, his pieces incorporate an immense amount of culture, art, history, emotion and influential significance. This is what makes a Jose Duran garment

Duran has gone through quite an enduring adventure traveling from Dominican Republic, to New York to Paris. Exposing his name and his brand to the best of his ability in order to “make it” in the undeniably competitive fashion world.

Models Saleisha Stowers and Jaslene Gonzalez, represented Duran  in the hit reality tv show America’s Next Top Model, by wearing/modeling his collections on live television. Major celebs like (left to right) Tinsley Mortimer, Lea Michele and Amber Rose have been spotted wearing the Jose Duran brand in some of Hollywood’s most prestigious events.

Tinsley Mortimer, Lea Michele & Amber Rose (left to right)

“My target markets for menswear are the fashion kids and the art boys with a great sense of style.” - Duran Tells JC REPORT on a previous interview

"Duran's visionary and adventurous pieces offer a delightful twist on contemporary design"- Says Vogue Italy



Dominican designer you most admire? 

JD- Of course I admire Oscar de la Renta but we all do, there is a couple of new designers out there that I really like, Carlos Frank then, Julibe and a couple others.

What is your most favorite material to work with?

JD- I love working with leather and with mesh, leather is so strong but yet sexy, and mesh is so sophisticated and sensual.

What differs in your new collection from your last?

JD- Every time I create a collection I get inspired by different subjects, they will all be different but yet they will all be very Jose Duran.

Reason for choice on brand name?

JD- I think my name is very interesting but there are so many Jose Duran out there lol, for example my father and my brother and my grandfather we are all Jose Duran lol and I love it plus I hear is very French.

What does elegance mean to you?

JD- Elegance means confidence and personal style, clothes don't make anyone elegant, is your personality and how you carry yourself.

If you had to describe your style in three words what would they be? 
JD- My style is free, powerful and sophisticated.

As far as your brand goes what are your plans at the moment?

JD- Now I am working on my next collection spring 2012 I am very exited because new and great things are about to happen very soon.

What is your earliest fashion memory?

JD- My earliest fashion memory has to be when I was very very young, my aunts always asked me how they looked before they left the house lol I will always give them an honest opinion by just saying yes or no.

How did your environment influence your style?

JD- I always wanted to work in different countries and travel the world and help people in need but I couldn't deal with politics so I decided to be a designer and try do the same.

Jose Duran in Vogue Japan

You live in a country of many great designers, what sets you apart from them? 

JD- My style is very different from anyone else is this country, I think been who I am sets me apart, I don't have to try hard I just have to be me.

What style tip you can give our readers?

JD- The tip I will give you guys, is to look inside your self and find out who you are after dress how ever you want, what ever makes you feel comfortable do it, because is only one life, be who you want to be.

What is your main inspiration? In other words what drives you to create?

JD- My main inspiration is war, problems in the society, I always get inspired by this sort of things.

What is your favorite thing about New York?

JD- NY is the best place to be there are so much opportunities, you can be who ever you want to be

“I find beauty in unconventional places, what most people find ugly I find it interesting and beautiful.” – Jose Duran

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Interviewed by Erika Collado