As a growing stylist/designer Monsiéur Yésawi offers a distinctive flow of creativity and cultural awareness

 “A unique infusion of simplicity & complexity, a fearless expression of fashion design & style, life concepts of my own understanding into my designs and past history knowledge.”

He’s a visionary; his style is persistent with a spark filled personality. Monsiéur Yésawi was born in Manilla, Philippines and traveled throughout his entire childhood growing up in Iraq, lived in Syria, Lebanon & now London.  He started getting into fashion when he was young and gained knowledge throughout his travels. Inspired by the great Karl Lagerfield, and style by music artists like Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell Williams and Taz Arnold, Monsiéur Yésawi’s creative expression is eccentric and goes above and beyond all boarders. London street fashion is vibrant and multifarious but Monsiéur Yésawi’s plans are to stand out and create his own movement of color.  


 Q: How would you describe your vision of style towards the brand you’re creating, What kind of image are you wanting to project?

A: The concept of the brand stems from Greek mythology. The myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks concerning their gods and heroes and the nature of the world. I want my clothing to give people a sense of power (not imposed over others of course, being liberal and all )......implementing this idea, as well as my understanding of present day street fashion into the designs kind of left me with a relaxed/majestic infusion.

Q: So what’s the name of this glorious brand?


Q: Tell me a little about you your inspirers!

A: Life and the creator for creating such a beautiful nature it inspires me the most. My surroundings, people around me who are always being supportive, specially my mum. Designer wise, Karl Lagerfeld I think the man is a genius, Pharrell Williams is straight killer through all the art he puts out and collaborations he does the man is definitely a style icon for my generation, Lupe Fiasco knowledge and inspiration has to definitely got an input towards my art and also last but least tAz Arnold aka T!$A big inspiration on my behalf i mean the guy is definitely unique from dropping vintage wear in a whole different vision and creating such a big buzz has definitely created a young new movement around the world. 


Q: How did you get into fashion?

A: I got into fashion since I was young always been into art and all types of creativity. studied fashion at college for 2 years and i was a freelance stylist , also modeled for the likes of OZWALD BOATENG, BBC/ICECREAM and few more. Been a little quiet just planning and putting the brand together but all i can say is stay tuned in and keep those eyes open for what’s coming.

Q: What does the word "style" signify to you?

A: Style is a self expression, it’s not about the whole fashion cycle and what’s in and what’s out, it’s more about how you wear your clothing don't let them wear you, how classic are you or how simple can you be just don’t jump on the bandwagon "BE YOURSELF, INSPIRE MORE & KILL THEM ALL".

Q: How would you describe the London street style?

London is multicultural city very complex I must say we have a lot of style going on, I wouldn't like to categorized people into genres or sections but I guess you need to come and pay a visit we have a lot of swagg!! [laughs], seriously.

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