Ladies Of Metal is a nonprofit modeling and metal/hardcore band promotions company, founded by Ash Jones (music/band promoter) and Kait Miller (handles the models). All the money they make goes back into the company, their events, their bands, and to fund future events. LOM gives their fans access to FREE content, and news about the biggest metal & hardcore bands out there today. They book their models for events, photoshoots, and even to model clothing company’s merch.


Tell us a little about the Ladies Of Metal company.

Ash -We are full of strong, empowering personalities, all of which become a part of a family. We strongly support each other, our events, and every company we come to work with. We're here to show that loving music whether it be metal or not, is not about looks. We step out of the ordinary fully black clothed & tattooed 'metal-head' look to show that you can be who you are, wear what you want, and be PROUD of it while still being about the music.


How did the concept for Ladies Of Metal come up?

Kait- We get asked this a lot, and it's kind of a funny story. But back when Myspace Trains were the "cool" thing to do to gain more friends, I thought it'd be a good idea to create my own specifically for girls in the heavy metal music scene. We had an application process very similar to how it is today. Eventually that trend died, and I thought I had all these gorgeous girls why not use them to our advantage to further promote the music scene.


How many models do you currently have for the company?

Kait- We currently have 75 active members.


What bands got you into metal?

Ash- I was raised on 80s metal such as Poison, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Metalica. Then it just progressed into all the different genres of metal we have out there today.

Who and how do you come up with the ideas for the photo-shoots? What has been your favorite photo shoot so far?

Kait-We leave the ideas of our shoots soley up to the girls and photographers.  They're allowed to get creative as possible!  It's really hard to pin point one specific favorite shoot so far, I love so many of them! Me and Ash have had the priviledge of watching some of our girls grow in to well known professional models. They all do great work. However, my favorite model so far would have to be Denise Borders. She's not only got the look that gets so much attention from our fans but, she does so much work in the music business. Really the whole package we look for in models.


It seems that a lot of bands have been coming out of Vegas these past 5-6 years or so, how would you describe your local music scene? 

Ash-Well the local scene here in Las Vegas is definitely more active in hardcore & metal. I can easily go to a show and expect to see well over 100 kids there.


L.O.M. has a big festival coming up soon, how does one prepare for a huge event like this? Have you done any festivals before?

Ash- Yes, we are going to be taking part in The Jamboree 3 in Ohio for the third year in a row. We absolutely love this fest and all the people involved in it. Trying to round up as many of the ladies as we can to go to the fest, getting in touch with some of the bands whether we work with them or not to get them to do signings at our table, getting NEW merch made and lots of promotion!


Ladies Of Metal has been around since the Myspace days, do you think social media has had a major effect on the companies massive success?

Kait- Absolutely. LOM has been around for going on 6 years now. Soley based off of social media websites. We're currently in the process of getting an official website up. But all the attention we've gained we could defintly thank social networking for.


Obviously, you two love metal but what other genres of music inspire you? 

Kait- My roots will always be in any subgenre of rock. My dad works in the music business so I was always around rock from the day I was born.  So with that, I think some good ole classic rock "inspires" me. I was born a Def Leppard and Rush baby!


How do you decide which bands to promote?

Ash- We have a partnership program for all the UNSIGNED bands that want to work with us, once we let them know about the partnership everything just goes from there. As for the SIGNED bands they either contact us personally or we get contacted by their label or manager to help them get more promotion.

Do you think tattoos are becoming more acceptable in the work place?

Kait- It hasn't become any more easier for me to find jobs! I think it's absolutely becoming more acceptable to people in general, as every one seems to have atleast one tattoo these days. But, in the work place.. I wish jobs would be more lenient on accepting workers with tattoos.


Who do you think changed the music indusry? Why?

Ash- Oh this is a good one. I honestly can't name just one band that has changed it. Everyone has their own differences and styles and there are more and more being brought into the industry everyday.


What’s your ultimate goal for this company?

Kait- I hope to be the go-to website for people to find not only already signed but also up and coming bands.


What inspired you/ still inspires you to keep L.O.M. staying strong and alive?

Ash- Everyone! My best friend & partner Kait, the amazing spokesmodels that we have encouraging us and always coming up with new ideas, all the incredible bands that we have gotten the chance to work with over the past 5 years.. almost 6, and of course the fans that support everything that we do and love!


Where do you see this company in 5 years?

Kait- We've already grown so much in the past 5 years.  I hope in 5 years we'll be working with even bigger and better record labels, working on bigger and better tours, and have an even larger roster of LOM sponsored bands. I see me and Ash sitting in our very own office one day putting together our very own Ladies of Metal tour.