Inspirer Gets to Know Jesse Denaro

Jesse Denaro is an Indie/Acoustic artist from Orange County, NY. He refers to himself as "man with no band" to others. His music style is very relaxing and easy to listen to. Take a few minutes out of your time to give him a listen, you might love it!


What made/inspired you to get into music?

 Inside Wants Out By John Mayer. My Dad bought this CD for me back in 1999, when I was a lad. It’s so bad. But I grew up on it, and it got me into this style of music for sure. 

How long have you been singing and playing?

 I have been singing since I can remember. But I started playing guitar back in 8th grade.

How did you choose what genre you wanted to get into?

 I think it was just a combination of everything I have been listening too. Since I listened to this style of music a lot (John Mayer, Manchester Orchestra, Bon Iver, Etc..) It has influenced the way I write music, and has influenced the style of music I write. It constantly changes. I have genre ADD, haha.

How many albums/EP's do you have released, and are you working on new music?

 I have an LP called “Speed Of Light” that I put out back in 2009. And currently I am releasing an EP, you could say. It’s called “All My Friends Are Dead” and is more of a collection of songs I have written in the past 2 years. I am going to release it hopefully by spring. In the future, I am recording an album in the fall of this year and I am planning on touring and releasing it that following winter.

What inspires you when writing your songs?

 A lot of things do, but mostly real life situations. I write about things that have happened to me, or situations I am in currently or have been in. I just make sure I am genuine in what I am writing about, and that I’m not forcing emotion/feelings.  

Do you plan on touring this year? (tours/festivals)

 Yes I do. I plan on touring nation-wide this winter.

Are there any big plans for this year?

 I mean, right now I am working with a manager. Seems pretty promising to me. But the only big plans would be to put out a record and tour that record this fall/winter.

What makes you want to keep playing music?

 I don’t want to say some cliché, cheesy answer but, it’s the only thing I love to do. I feel so passionately about it, and I know it’s what I need to be doing presently. Also, it’s fun as heck to write songs and collaborate with other people. 

Do you have a favorite show you've played, if so which and what made it so special?

 I can’t really put a finger on just one show, but my favorite types of shows are the small ones inside coffee shops, in someone’s living room, or around a fire playing to 5 people. I like the intimate feel more than the huge venue and stage feel.


Make sure to check out his webpages and stay to date with his music!