Some of you may be curious to know who are the mysterious masterminds behind the whimsical hit song “chasing colours”, Well took out the time to find out more about this wicked band and fill you guys in on some exclusive juice! The band All the Lights is made up of two Australian guys Kaelyn and Daniel whom are slowly capturing the indie dance scene with their impressive produced synths. Already being featured in one of Australia’s nationally broadcast radio stations Triple J, ATL have vast plans this year for the band’s growth. 

INSPIRER: Kaelyn & Daniel who sings and who produces, can you elaborate a Little on each one’s job?

Kaelyn: We both handle production duties equally I'd say. On “Chasing Colours” in particular, I recorded a rough vocal melody into my blackberry when we were working on the song and developed it more once i'd returned to my studio, where I ended up writing and singing the vocal.

Daniel: Yeah K-dogg can definitely sing better than me! We just do whatever is necessary when it comes to working and our systems are pretty much identical so throwing project between each other is no problem.

INSPIRER: What are your plans this year for All the lights?

Kaelyn: We have recently taken on management with a great london based company and will be writing and collaborating in the states from march onwards so hopefully some great things come from that!

Daniel: More importantly the plan is to have fun! (So cliche right now hey….?)

We really wanna get it right the first time and create songs we're 100% satisfied with and not just knock things out for the sake of having a release every few months.


INSPIRER: What inspired you to create your hit song "Chasing Colours"?

Kaelyn: I think we were just hanging out in sydney on a rainy day. We started out making some kind of crazy 80's synth funk inspired 2-step track which we ended up scrapping and then started the foundation of “Chasing Colours” which kinda all came together once we wrote the lead synth line. It as definitely a “oh yeah this is sounding special moment”

INSPIRER: What does the song “Chasing Colours” mean exactly?

Kaelyn: I think different people will interpret it in different ways but to me its about people going through difficulties in a relationship or friendship and feeling like things are fucked up but when they finally have a moment to reflect on whats going on they realise how much more important the person is to them compared to the issues they're going through. I guess the 'I see colours chasing you' reference is about seeing someone in a positive light.

Daniel: I thought it was all about taking acid and tripping out….?

INSPIRER: What bands/who are your musical influences?

Kaelyn: I'm a r&b fan first and foremost... from Teddy Riley, Blackstreet, Heavy D and all the early new jack swing guys with the amazing chords and harmonies to Aaliyah and anything Timbaland touched in the late 90's but with ATL the influences definitely branch to stuff like Basement Jaxx, Miike Snow, Royksopp, anything by Bangalter, Crydamoure era and what not... the list can go on forever.

Daniel: Yeah I would say all the regulars like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Groove Armada, Chemical Brothers.  Tonnes of West Coast Hip Hop, Hyphy, Southern Rap, and Ghettotech stuff like DJ Assault. Also lots of house music from older Strictly Rhythm stuff like Eric 'More' Morillo and DJ Sneak to Jesse Rose, Mastiksoul, Butch, Gregor Salto and the Hot Creations stuff.  Yeah I could go on forever too! 

INSPIRER: What artists are on your current personal playlists? 

Kaelyn: Loving the new Black Keys album right now. Friendly Fires “Pala” album was probably my album of 2011. The Tensnake remix of “Hurting” is incredible too.

Daniel: M83, SBTRKT, Defected Radio shows and that new Tim Green song "In Love", its sooo good!

INSPIRER: Describe All The Lights

Kaelyn: music for lords

Daniel: lords of music

INSPIRER: Where can your mixes be found for purchase/download?

Kaelyn: Our songs and remixes are on iTunes and Beatport and otherwise free stuff at

INSPIRER: What genre would you categorize All The Lights to fall under?

Kaelyn: Dance music. We could probably find some sub genre to squeeze into but its all still dance music right?

Daniel: indie/pop/dance/disco/sexy/housey/emotional/makes girls dance type of music

INSPIRER: What inspired the name of the band?

Kaelyn: We had songs before we had a band name.. I think we might have had a record deal before we had a band name haha.

Daniel: Truth!

INSPIRER: This time next year where do you hope All The Lights to be?

Kaelyn: I'd love to be playing live in Europe and US

Daniel: Working with mad people we wanna work with and yeah perfecting a dope live show!

INSPIRER: Individually besides all the lights what do you guys do jobs/hobbies etc.

Kaelyn: I am songwriter/producer guy by day, rap star by night.

Daniel: I'm a DJ and producer of my solo project, collaborate and also ghost produce with/for various dance music acts.  Hobby wise I started playing Playstation (not good for motivation) and hang out with my dog or play soccer.

INSPIRER: Are you guy’s roommates, related or what?

Kaelyn: Danny is my son

Daniel: Kaelyn is my mum! haha, nah we are just buddies!

INSPIRER: How did you get together on this idea to start making music?

Kaelyn: I was in sydney working on an album for an artist and the artist got in an accident so suddenly I was in sydney with a hotel and 5 days free cause my studio sessions had been cancelled, so Danny and I ate food, drank coffee and eq'd drum sounds for 5 days straight basically.

Daniel:  Yeah we already had some mutual friends and knew of each other already so getting together just kinda happened

INSPIRER: The other remixes by Moonchild, Ian Carey, Plastic Plates are these personal friends of yours or artists you have given permission to remix?

Kaelyn: Moonchild and I had been chatting about doing something for a little while, I sent him the track and he loved it. Ian Carey was through the label but he's a cool dude and he came through with an amazing remix.

Daniel: Yeah Moonchild is a cool dude and a great producer from Sydney! Same with Plastic Plates! He is a friend of a friend so we just got in touch with each other and he was kind enough to do one for us.  If your reading this, thanks guys!!


By: Erika Collado



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