Short introduction to a new, young, rising artist from East London, Kase Prince: from a young age Kase was drawn to music in a different way other then just simple admiration. Inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Biggie Smalls. Kase's lyrics have a strong "melodic approach" and is not yet signed with a particular music label saying

 "Although interest is there I want to make sure this happens my way and not solely theirs"

He manages his own movements and is currently sorting out his campaign for the release of his new (not yet titled) album this year.


How does your rapping style differ from other rap artists?

KP- I’d say I take a more melodic approach to the delivery of my lyrics, As to a more straightforward rapping style you’d normally hear.

What song would you say launched your career?

KP- I wouldn’t say my career has been launched as I’d like quite yet but one thing that’s definitely got me on higher ground is the support I received from a fellow artist who goes by the name Master shortie. I featured on two tracks, which was produced by labrinth Simon cowell’s latest signing. That as well as my first proper viral video entitled ‘Ray bans’ which was very well received.

How would you describe your fashion style?

KP- I wouldn’t really say I have a fashion type I pretty much just buy what I like which inevitably could be anything.

If any, who are the stylists you normally work with for your shoots?

KP- The stylist I’ve worked with continuously on shoots has to be a good friend of mine’s company called ‘YesaRise’. They never fail to please!

Where did you grow up?

KP- I grew up in East London, born and raised in Hackney.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

KP- From the top I’d say Michael Jackson, he was probably the first music artist that had a massive influence over me as a person since I was a child

 What influenced you to get into the rapping scene?

KP- Without a doubt Biggie smalls. He was the first memorable rapper my sister’s introduced me to as a child. The lyrical content and flow was like nothing I had ever heard at the time.

What is the main goal you hope to reach through your music?

KP- To entertain and connect with people. Make them feel how I do when I listen to great music.

If you were to describe what you rap about, what would it be?

KP- I’d say it ranges from various topics to being out of love, in love, where I’d like to be and partying ahah. I don’t want to go to deep as an artist just yet, especially for my first record.

Rules to live by...

KP- Stay positive, persistent and always remain grateful.

Top 5 songs on your current playlist are...

KP- Don’t really have a top 5 but the last 5 I played were
1. Jagged Edge – Tryna Find The Words
2. Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
3. Lil B- Please Respect
4. Drake – Marvin’s Room
5. R.kelly – Your Body’s Calling

"music is love, there's nothing else I'd rather do." - KP




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Interviewed by Erika Collado