INSPIRER.NU INTERVIEW WITH - THE BODY RAMPANT's Shannah Lauren caught up with alternative/experimental band The Body Rampant. The Body Rampant is a five piece band created in early 2009 after the break up of Ohio's based hardcore band Every Bridge Burned. Their follow-up EP of Framework, called Transient Years was recorded with Seattle's Casey Bates whose worked with artists like Pierce the Veil, Chiodos and Forgive Durden.

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing and recording new music? When coming up with songs and ideas we have many inspirations that we draw from; most importantly love, dreams, and the outside world and feelings we cannot control. 

You released your debut album titled "Transient Years" on April 5th.  How have the reactions to this debut been? It's been unreal. We put so much hard work into this band and we're glad that people are taking the time to find out what we are all about, we strive to build a great connection with our fans and we're so grateful for the love and respect we get in return. 

Are you planning any upcoming tours in order to support the release of this album? We plan to do a west coast tour this summer to promote the EP.

What messages were you trying to portray through the lyrics of "The Silent Years"? The lyrics on this album are based upon friendship and love, and the loss of each of those things. Everyone has dealt with these situations and can agree they aren't the most comfortable times. Listen to the ep and maybe it will strike some hope in ressure.

What are your goals for the year as a band? Our goal is to continue to craft our sound as a band.  We're really working hard right now perfecting our live set and we're announcing some exciting shows very soon.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners? Heavy Pop

Being based in Los Angeles, CA, how has this helped you spread your music? It has helped us in many ways and it has also hurt us in several ways. We look at the glass half full all of the time.  There are a ton of bands here and so many great ones, so there is definitely competition. However we have a lot of cool friends here in amazing bands and it makes us strive to be the best we can.

Anything else you'd like readers to know? Check out our music video for Sativa and go download our EP at Thank you so much for the support!


Interview by: Shannah Lauren

Questions by: Morgan Young