DEATH ON TWO WHEELS - INTERVIEW's Shannah Lauren catches up with Trae Vedder, vocalist of Death On Two Wheels. The five piece band from Atlanta, Death On Two Wheels, are on the pursuit of darker mysteries on the band's self-released debut. They've shared the shared the stage with artists like Against Me!, Social Distortion, Butch Walker, and Manchester Orchestra.

For those who don't know, could you introduce yourself and your role in the band?
I'm Trae Vedder, I sing and write and play guitar in the Death On Two Wheels.

How did you get started, and is there any meaning behind the name Death On Two Wheels?

We started as a two man studio project in 2006, played our first show in 2007, and released our first album in 2008. We've ben on the road ever since, and we roll into each town we play just like death on two wheels.

How would you personally describe your band's sound?
It's a big mash of everything we grew up on and what our fathers grew up on. It's highly 70's influenced with an alternative slant from growing up in the 90's; harmonies, riffs, and solos are in the mix too. Some people say it's like Steppenwolf meets Foo Fighters or an inbred Motörhead. We're a rock n roll band.

How do you think fans have responded to your album, Separation of Church and Fate?
We've been fortunate enough to garner a loyal fan base that we're lucky enough to call friends as well. We're not a huge band, maybe we will be, maybe we won't, but we certainly appreciate the folks who enjoy what we do, and I think we've built a solid foundation that will continue to grow.

When it comes to writing, is there one main song writer or is it a group process?

Typically I write the melodies along with a skeleton of the music, then we all get in a room and hash out the rest. I'm blessed to have an amazing group of band brethrens that are able to take those skeletons and bring them to life. We've also been writing more as a group this time around and that has been a great experience.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?
My mother and father, my grandparents, Johnny, Mike, Dave, R.L., Lee.

Is there anything that makes you different from any other bands in the industry right now?

I'm not certain. When we finish this album, I hope it feels original and real.  I put more thought into making sure something feels legitimate rather than worrying if it's different or new. So long as it's honest I think we'll be in good shape. I do hope that we can be original and innovative in how we market the record and get it into people's hands. Only time will tell on that one, we'll just have to wait and see.

What do you think are the best and worst things about touring?
Not having a place to sleep and having a place to sleep.

Name three of your favourite artists right now?
River City Extension, Middle Class Rut, and The Weeks.

What are the rest of your plans for 2011?
Currently, we're writing our new record here  in Atlanta. Preproduction is going down at the Favorite Gentlemen studio as we speak, then we'll record it in California in June and July. From there we hope to hit the road strong late summer - fall.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Please keep in touch with us at as the new album comes together. Our debut album is available at It's always a pleasure for someone to allow us the opportunity to share our thoughts and spread our music, thank you for doing so. See everyone on the road later this year!

Interview by: Shannah Lauren

Questions by: Bekka Collins