Artist You Should Know: Chris Barrett

Since the break up of Fueled by Ramen pop band The Friday Night Boys in early October of last year, previous drummer Chris Barrett has been busy creating a solo project of his own.  Creatively producing music in his own unique style, while aiming to bring the true meaning behind music back, Chris has been “spending the last year or so now getting the songs ready and recorded and making sure they’re as good as [he] thinks they can be first.”  What is his sound like?  Well, if you haven’t already heard his first released single titled Sky High, it will be available on iTunes along with a brand new single on February 15th!  Combining the styles of pop, rock, R&B, and hip-hop, Chris is well on his way to making a huge impact on the music industry.  With that being said, Chris has big dreams to change the lives of those willing to listen to his music, backed up by a huge potential to do so.  

Coming from a very musical family, Chris has been surrounded by all types of music starting at a very young age.  However, it was not until the start of high school that the deep-rooted passion for music that he holds today came into play.   This abrupt passion struck around this time due to the fact that Chris “got really into Dave Matthews Band, I saw an instructional video from the drummer and I was just blown away, so from that point on I decided that I wanted to be a musician.  Not just a drummer, I wanted to be everything that a musician comes with.”  Since then, Chris has been well on his way to becoming that well rounded musician by picking up instruments such as guitar and bass, while planning on learning the keyboard as well, in combination with his unique and beautiful voice to create music that is well liked overall.  In fact, with the help of fans gained due to previous bands, Chris has hit number three on Fresh Music Radio for his first single Sky High.  Chris states that fans “who were really behind me throughout the entire span of Friday Night Boys, or whatever band I was in, have really stuck with me and it’s really been another thing that’s given me a sense of gratitude.  I feel like I’ve had the pleasure of leaving a good impression and just a lasting effect on a lot of the people who were involved with my previous projects, so I’m really glad about that.  It’s really awesome.”  Chris plans on heading out on a new tour of his own as soon as he gets the opportunity in order to reconnect with these fans across the world. 

Not only does Chris write and record music that you can’t help but dance to, he also has a very deep message he hopes to instill in the minds of music listeners around the world.  This is what he finds his purpose to be, “to in some way be responsible for a wave of a new kind of quality of music and positivity as well.  Positivity and making sure that people enjoy the music.  I feel like music should be something that no matter what kind of situation you’re in, you should be able to let yourself relax.  I plan on spreading that word as much as I possibly can…That’s the kind of positive reaction that I want everyone who listens to my music, everyone who listens to any music in general, to have.  I feel like people just let music be a background substance and don’t really take the time to appreciate its textures and that kind of thing so I just want people to really realize how beautiful music really is and how good it is for you.”  With such a powerful meaning behind his music, one can’t help but sit down and truly listen to the lyrics being said and appreciate it for exactly what it is worth.  In order to do this, Chris is very determined to be dedicated to spreading his music to as many people as possible.  He aspires to be the reason that a person’s life is changed, because “a song can save a life no matter what, so I want to make sure that it’s out there for that one person who could think of my song as a way of life.  That one person whose day could be made better by listening to a song or someone who could listen to that song and have it help them through a tough time, that kind of thing.  I feel like that’s a really positive thing to do for someone and I just wan to make sure that I’m certainly going out of my way to make sure that it is out there for people to access it for those reasons.”  Winning the hearts of many music lovers across the world, Chris is already well on his way to being just this type of artist.  Sky High has clear messages “that I’m trying to evoke out of everyone who does hear any piece of music that I’m involved with,” that already make it clear that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

Chris Barrett is an incredible musician backed up with a supportive and strong management system that are determined to make sure his voice is heard in the music industry.  Whether listeners are children or adults, the music that Chris produces has huge potential to make a positive impact on the music industry as a whole along with the lives of those who listen.  His unique combination of musical genres creates a dance along sound that “is harmless enough to where it could reach a lot of people.  I don’t see any reason to slow myself down or be reluctant to spread my music to as many listeners as possible.”  Take the time to truly understand and listen to his music because it is a sound that can seriously make an impact.

Chris is wrapping up the recording process of his first EP titled The Vision EP that is looking to be released in mid-May of this year.  Keep an eye out for it, and make sure you pick up your copy!  Also be sure to give his singles being released on February 15th a listen.  Whether it be your outlet for dancing and having a great time, or your escape from reality, the sounds and media of Chris Barrett are sure to make some sort of impact in the lives of many.


*All quotes taken from a phone interview held with Chris on 2/4/2011.