I recently got to do an interview with Anto Boros of The Swellers about what inspires him, what his last meal would be, dream tour line up and more. Read on to see what he has to say.

Q. So first off, I read that you were previously in a Canadian band called Sydney, what made you leave that band to join The Swellers?

A. Well, i actually never left the band Sydney. Our drummer Kyle quit our band to join another band and we decided to lay Sydney to rest after that. We didn't want to start looking for another drummer since finding a decent one is incredibly hard.  I wasn't doing anything after that band for a few months and had met The Swellers on a tour we together did while i was still in Sydney. It was a Swellers/Fireworks/Sydney tour. I ended up staying in contact with Jono and Nick and eventually they needed a bassist and i needed a band so the timing worked out well.


Q. What made you decided you wanted to be in a band?

A. When i started playing music i initially did it just for fun, but the more i played the more involved i got with it. It was in high school that i put my first band together with some friends of mine and from there on in, it was all i wanted to do. 


Q. What inspires you to write music and still pursue a career in music?

A. Everything inspires me to write music. When I'm happy, when i'm sad, when i'm frustrated, when i'm bored. I'll always have music with me. It's a beautiful thing. I still pursue this because it's all i know and i just love it. I don't know that i'll be doing it forever, but i'm not ready to throw the towel in just yet. 


Q. So besides being in The Swellers, you're also an aspiring filmmaker. How'd that come about?

A. The whole filmmaker thing really just came about while we were on tour in Europe. I was filming our trip out there but i had nothing really to film other than scenery that didn't look as gorgeous on film as it did being there and seeing it with your own eyes. It just looked so boring, so i decided...why not make a ridiculous movie while we're out here because it'll be funny as hell and it'll be a really great way to capture all the places we've been to. Then it just became a thing where bands we tour with would want to make movies. It really is just so fun to do and really passes the time on the road. I used to make movies with my friends and all my cousins when i was younger so it was really fun revisiting that and doing it with really cool bands. 


Q. You've been out on tours with Paramore, The Casualties, Bayside, Motion City Soundtrack, Strike Anywhere, Silverstein, Less Than Jake, Texas In July, have done Warped Tour and at the moment touring with Four Year Strong. Is their a genre of music that you guys like to tour with better?

A. Every tour is fun in it's own way. I'm not sure if there's really a specific genre i enjoy touring with more than another. Being on tour with Paramore is definitely different then being on tour with The Casualties but both of those tours were fun in there own right and were filled with great people.

 Q. What would your last meal be if you were on death row?

A. It's incredibly weird that you asked me that question because we were literally just talking about that in the van. So i definitely have my answer. I'd want a full course steak dinner, medium rare, which would also have to include a large pizza from a shop of my choice and chicken wings.  


Q. If you could go anywhere in the world, where's one place you would like to either play a show at again, or play it for the first time?

A. not entirely sure. I guess i'd say Thailand. I've heard nothing but amazing things and think it'd be very cool to play a show there. I'd also love to play a show in Russia. For the same reasons. Every band that i know that has been there has said nothing but good things.  


Q. What would your dream tour line up be?

A. It would have to be a big festival which would included the original line up of Van Halen and Guns & Roses, i'd want Blink 182 to play, as well as Jimmy Eat World and Brand New. That would be one hell of a line up to me. 


Q. Besides necessities, while traveling what do you like to take on the road to make it a little easier to get by?

A. Alls i needs is my ipod and my cell phone. Both contain my favorite music and some fantastic video games. Oh, and my laptop. I always need my laptop. You know, to check my wifi technology sites.  


Q. Lastly, what do you think is in stores for you/ The Swellers over the next year?

A. Next year i think we're going to do what we always do: Tour tour tour! Get our music out as much as we can. And then hopefully take over the world. But i'm not sure that'll happen haha. 


The Swellers are currently out on the AP tour, till the end of November, with Four Year Strong, then are heading out in December for a UK/European tour.