INSPIRER.NU INTERVIEW WITH - CHIODOS''s Shannah Lauren had the chance to catch up with Brandon Bolmer, vocalist of Chiodos'. Chiodos' is a post-hardcore band formed in 2001, and had released their newest album Illuminaudio October 5, 2010. What are the future plans for Chiodos'? What is the hardest part as a musician that he had to go through? Find out now!


Brandon, being the new vocalist for Chiodos, how did the fans react to your introduction into Chiodos? Did you have any struggles with adjusting or did it just feel like the perfect fit?
I'd say the transition went pretty smooth.  I knew there would be gossip - so I was already prepared for any negative backlash.  Since we've put out a record and toured, the "talk" seems to have gotten a lot better.  Kids can actually hear the record and judge it for themselves now.  There's always going to be people saying "coulda, shoulda...woulda...", I just focus on the people that are supporting it.  What's done is done, this is the new Chiodos.  Overall, the feedback / response at shows has been amazing, crowds are going off and singing old and new songs. 

You released your newest album, Illuminaudio, on October 5th 2010. How do you feel about this album compared to the formers?


I am completely satisfied with Illuminaudio. I feel like it represents the trials and times that we have been through over the last couple years and we were fortunate to have a comfortable timeline to work with on most of it. It was less rushed than our previous record and I feel that is always important when releasing something that you want to be proud of. It definitely has a different vibe than our previous works, but still has the same components that have always made up our band.

What was the writing process like for Illuminaudio?

It was long and had more interferences than we imagined from the get-go. We had been preparing the music for almost a year and a half before we actually entered the studio. Throughout that process we did a couple tours and endured a couple member changes, which slowed us down a little but we were able to keep our heads up through it all and keep our eye on the final goal. We were able to obtain a new drummer, Tanner Wayne, about halfway through the process and his ideas and ambition kept us driving and writing. Once he was comfortably placed in the band, he helped us find our new singer Brandon, and at that point we were able to work hands on with him for a couple months before entering the studio. When we went to the studio, our producer Machine helped us embrace our vision and mold the record into what we all wanted it to be collectively to the point of total satisfaction. It was a hell of journey, but that's what makes it such an epic record to us.

Now that you've released a new album and will be finishing up tour on November 27th, what are Chiodos' next goals and plans for the future?

We are going to continue touring in support of this record until we feel that we have worked it properly. All the while we will continue writing as well so that we will be prepared to do it all again. 


This question goes out to you personally, what or who inspired you the most to become a musician? Would you have believed that eventually you would become a known musician yourself?

My parents kind of forced me into music at a very young age, but I always looked up to their talents growing up and used that as inspiration to keep on doing it myself. They are some of the most talented musicians I know and I have been blessed to grow up beneath them. I never imagined myself as a known musician, but I always knew it was what I wanted to be my expertise or life focus in one way or another.  

If there is one difference that you could make in the world or in today's society, what would that be and why?

It would be to get rid of the negativity and poison that people so often spread in this world. The effect that it has spreads so easily and rots all that it touches and that is the downfall of the human race in my opinion. It's a little far fetched, but I try my hardest to treat others the way I would like to be treated and to keep a positive outlook on most things in life.

What was the hardest struggle throughout your life or even as a musician that your fans or even viewers can relate to?

Just throughout the making of this record I have been through some of my toughest times and that's why this record means so much to me personally. Making the transitions we did was not an easy decision. I had been close friends with our old singer, Craig, for over a decade and it took a lot for me to realize that it was time to move on in life without him. We had been through a lot together and to close that chapter of life, in order to open a new one…it caused for a lot of mental stress. Around the same time that was happening, I was also going through another personal battle as my wife and I were going though a divorce. At times, I just wanted to not exist in order to escape the emotions I was burdened with, but I kept my head on straight and used creating music as my therapy. There is always a way to channel your emotions into positive energy. Sometimes it’s just harder to find those outlets, but that doesn't mean they are not there.

What is your personal opinion on fans downloading music compared to buying a record? What do you personally do?

Personally, I support fans downloading music as long as they continue to support the artist in one way or another. We now live in an age where any sort of exposure is vital in this industry, and the fact that my music can reach new ears so easily is awesome and I would never want that taken away. It's just important to support artists in any way possible, because if you take it for granted, they may not be able to produce what you love anymore.

Do you have any message that you would like to send across to your fans? Or do you have any advice that you'd like to give to your viewers who would like to become musicians?

The hardest thing that I have found when trying to build a music career for myself was how much I had to sacrifice. It really is the biggest key in order to obtain a reward. I've had to sacrifice friendships, respect from my family, academic opportunities, and sticking with career choices, in order to make the music that we do. But as I look back I know that it was all worth it, just like it is with anything else in life. Nothing great is supposed to come easily.