INTERVIEW WITH TRAVEL MIND SYNDROME's, Heleny Maist, was able to catch up with the members of the Travel Mind Syndrome. They organised a great live performance in order to promote their new CD in a cool bar in the centre of Athens, Greece.

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Tell me some things about the music you guys play?

We don't label our music. We let our fans label us and choose in which music category we fit best. But, if you insist to categorize us, we'd say that we basically play Rock with Indie and Alternative influences. 

When was your band created?

Travel Mind Syndrome were created in 2005-2006, but back then we had another composal. 

How long have you been playing with this composal?

Since the September of 2009. 

Do you have some bands or artists that you generally admire or someone who inspires you?

Hmm, Muse... and generally some good producers.

Which one of your songs is your favorite?

"The Bad Bad Girl"

How long have you been working in order to create this CD?

[laughs] Our CD was ready a year ago but we wanted it to be really good, so we were checking it again and again, until we decided to release it. 

Have you scheduled other live performances to promote your new CD this period?

We want to travel to Thessaloniki and we organize  a tour at Summer. Our band generally schedules lives all the time. We really like the response of our fans. 

Kate, you are the only woman in the band. How do you get along with the boys of the band?

Kate - "I have no problem with the guys. Actually we have a great connection. I got used to them [laughs]."


With which band  or artist would you like to collaborate in the future?

We have a lot of great bands in our mind that we'd like to collaborate. Basically, we would like to collaborate with any band that plays the same kind of music with us. Also, we would like to work with a great producer in order to create something really good.

- {Greece}