A straight line white is the essential component that defines a tennis court. This is the starting point of the summer collection Lacoste. Felipe Oliveira Baptista focuses on a rigorous and minimalist approach initially to decline in mood typically sporty brand. And here's a thin white line that looms coats, suits and polo shirts. But the line is also a symbol of limits to be overcome and modernist architecture. That shifts the focus of the collection to transparencies and contrast. And above all lightness. The materials are lightweight, volumes relax and soften, transparencies create games trompe-l'oeil and glimpses of skin. For men in suits and blazers jersey sports, trench coats waterproof fabric give way to approach otherwise volumes in a box. Fleece-sleeved shirt, basketball shorts and polo shirts have a more contemporary look almost sporty. Lightness also in the use of fabrics and colors: navy, optical white, forest green, black, mingle with the delicacy of sand, mint pink and pale blue. A remake of the line - clean lines - where activewear also becomes chic blazer and you are wearing a long dress.


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