Céline Resort 2013


Unlike other collections this season, Céline's Resort collection did not try too hard to be different or diverge from the brand's usual fare but that is exactly the reputation Phoebe Philo has created for the fashion house: effortless chic.

During her time as the head designer, Philo has made Céline a household name for Upper East Siders and anybody who knows a thing about fashion. All of the clothes and accessories are executed with simplicity, discipline, and perfection.

Why fix something that isn't broken? While two new accessory shapes were presented this season, the All Soft and the Edge, Céline stuck to house signatures when it came to clothing. Scarf prints and leather were featured again and python made an appearance as well in the form of pockets on a cashmere sweater.

The pieces have a futuristic structure yet the tailoring is done so elegantly that anyone could recognize their quality. This collection, like many other collections  conceived by Philo in the past, encapsulates the essence of the sophisticated millennial woman: driven to succeed and striking in her refinement. It is no wonder that Céline has become such a must-have brand.