Crazy in Love-LuniacStyle Accessories, by Designer Jaclyn A. Murphy

One look at the arm candy that designer Jaclyn Murphy has created, and you, too, will go crazy!  The scope of her talent and range of her work is endless.  From beautiful, day-to-night accessories, there is something for everyone in her collection.

Beautiful bracelets abound, with charms and bright colors, made of mixed metals, hanging in the perfect stack.  Earrings that dangle, spice up, and make any evening outfit sizzle, to smaller, more modest, brightly colored earrings that look like candy.  Did I mention the headbands and headwraps, too?  Murphy uses mostly vintage pieces when crafting her bracelets and earrings. The mix of “old and new” strikes the balance of perfection in all she creates.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Jaclyn to see where she gets her drive and inspiration.  Here is what she had to say.  

When did you start your business? “I started luniacstyle really when I was a kid, making jewelry to sell to my family and friends, but full time almost 2 years ago. I quit my full time job and took the plunge”. 

Where are you located?  “Currently you can purchase my jewels and accessories online in my etsy shop , but as of August 1st, I’m opening my own shop with my business partner Kristen Marrah in east Greenwich RI called Luniac Glamour”. 

What influences you in terms of your creations? “I’m influenced by colors, love, and my passion to keep creating. I’m also influenced by the dream to succeed, and make a positive, influential, and fabulous name for myself”. 

Do you have a muse? A celebrity, season, musical group, or era, that gives you inspiration? “Ok, so I LOVE Beyonce. And honestly if I ever met her, I may fall on the ground and die. I love her, her style, her class, and her story. A true success, and a lady all in one. I love summer, I love to create at night time, and I love music of all kinds. From hip hop to Joni Mitchell; they all have a story to tell and all are inspiring and nostalgic to me”. 

How do you describe your style? “I think my style is fun, girly, sometimes outrageous, and I like to channel the 80’s girl in me and throw on some hot pink lipstick into the mix!”

Who is your typical consumer? “Honestly it ranges. I’ve had young girls who are attracted to the bright colors of my line, and I’ve had grandmas go crazy for my earrings. It’s all about how you wear my jewelry. It has a story, and each persons personality shines through when they wear a piece of mine”.

Your pieces are really beautiful.  Eye-catching in fact.  How do you shop or hunt for metals or charms? “I just go to what catches my eye. I love to mix old vintage charms, and components and mix and match them with new beads. I like to show people that they can wear anything, you just have to get a little creative”.

How long does it take you to finish a piece? “It depends what it is. If I’m feeling inspired, it will take me a very short time. If I’m tired, or feeling like I don’t have a great idea, then it will take me much much longer to create”. 

 Where do you see your business in the future? “I’m not sure. Right now I’m living the dream. I’m finally in my own shop feeling great and hopeful to keep moving forward with my designs. I hope to get better and better at my craft, and hopefully someday Beyonce will be wearing Luniac on a regular basis!”   

 Can you give some advice to aspiring designers? “My best advice is to keep persevering. Not everyone will love or understand your ideas, but I guarantee lots will. And those are the people that inspire you to keep going. Believe in what you’re creating, and put love into every piece that you make. It will shine though.”

How can consumers contact you?

 My email is Jaclyn

you can always see my collection online at or come shopping at Luniac Glamour on Main Street in East Greenwich, RI.   

Jaclyn is a truly gifted artist.  Her collection stands alone among many. I do hope to see it on Beyonce one day also, and feel her talent, given time, will take Jaclyn far and wide.