Etsy Wonders

A small guide about vintage shopping on the wonderful Etsy

Become an internet addict, and simply vintage shopping or 'delicate shopping' acquire a new meaning. Etsy, with designers like Yokoo who handcraft each and every one of their items or stores like Allen Company who gather unique and wonderful items under a single label, is the perfect place to shop.

By simply typing the word 'necklace' or even 'Harry Potter' (or both of them together) into the searchbar, hundreds of wonderful items will come your way- you are bound to find something you like, even something you love yet it arrives in the mail and leaves you in utter dismay. While shopping online, this being pretty much anywhere, one needs to know and remember that descriptions and photographs aren't necessarily as accurate as they should be, specially with handmade items. 

Handmade items are special, there is always that feeling of a personal connection between yourself and the designer.  There might be striations in your new  handmade ombre tights (these deserve a special mention for their complete awesomeness and unique beauty) but that is simply the beauty of it. They weren't mass produced in a sweat shop in Bangladesh or China, but by a person who truly loves what they do and wishes to share it with someone else. Forget about minuscule defects or the change in hues between the physical object and the photograph on their website- it'll be okay.

Previously worn clothes might smell funny, that being one of the reasons many people decide simply not to buy previously owned/worn clothes, something you have to agree with to some extent. There's a funky feeling in wearing something from a past decade, a feeling of uniqueness- something you should share with basically every article of clothing you wear simply because you wear it. Indeed, wearing vintage clothing isn't exactly a spiritually moving experience, but it could be. 

Shipping, from the ancient Greek signifying pain. Waiting a few days or weeks for your brand new items to arrive in the mail is slightly horrid- specially if you decided typing your shipping address incorrectly was the way to go. Having a relationship with the seller might be a good idea, or simply scouting for their email address might serve you well in a situation like this. Be prepared is perhaps the best words of advice in regards to shipping, yet always remember the feeling of opening a new package, and discovering the beautiful wonders that lie inside it. 

Here's a tiny list of shops and adorable items you should consider next time you decide to scout for a lovely new item. 




As always, enjoy the uniqueness of this world, and express it with what people often call fashion