How Not to Look Like a Gym Rat

When going to the gym, one does not always take their appearance into consideration, however looking good while working out is not as difficult as one may think. For example, it can be as simple as trading out your boyfriend’s old t-shirt for a slim fitting tank top.

Here are a few staples when it comes to making over your work out wardrobe:

 Leggings: Leggings are great for working out because not only are they comfortable,  but they look great on almost everyone. American Apparel has a large  selection when it comes to leggings.They offer everything from basic, to  high waist, to metallic. Check them out for yourself.


Tank Tops:

These tank tops from Urban Outfitters are perfect for the gym. Cute and affordable, two for $24.00. Feel free to mix and match!



Everyone knows that shoes are the most important part of any outfit , even when it comes to the gym. These Nike Free to Run 2 + are fun and colorful, not to mention extremely lightweight! One can even find Hilary Duff sporting the pair.