Wearing a Runway Trend

A guide to crafting a simple look out of runway styles

We all know even most of the ‘Ready To Wear’ shows include items you’d never wear, no matter how beautiful and comfortable they seem. Designers can certainly capture the essence of modern women in most of their designs, but deciding what to wear yourself or where does your style fall between the fabric may be quite hard.

Certain looks (not necessarily world-wide trends) can be easily incorporated into something casual or a typical work outfit. 

Take the outfit on the right from Jason Wu Ready To Wear Fall 2012. It is simple, elegant and composed entirely of classic pieces. Spot a detail you like, and perhaps find it cheaper somewhere else. Identify a similar color scheme in your closet, or incorporate something that reflects your personal style and taste- make it yours. 

Details are important factors in the crafting of a look (of course, that's why they are details), let it be the perfect accessory or a simple embellishment. Libertine Fall/Winter 2012 at Milk Studios runway show featured multi-colored extra-long necklaces and embellished tops (nothing you couldn’t craft yourself at home). It was certainly the perfect combination of ideal and central pieces with subtle details.







Makeup, of course, is key. Capturing the right mood is important, and synchronizing it with everything below your neck can be complicated, but once dominated, works like magic.

KAELEN at NYFW 2012 featured dark lips combined with natural and simple tones, accentuating the brightness and class of the main pieces. 

 Browse the #NYFW and #Fashion tags on Tumblr, find a look you like, watch the runway photographs, and choose the details and pieces you like the most- craft a look from there.  It might not always be effective, but simple inspiration will lead you to something even more fantastic. Runway looks might not be your thing.

Sometimes, you can find your place in tiny boutiques across town, or minor fashion labels- even retail (take Jason Wu For Target!). Sometimes, it’s just a matter of the heart. Fall in love with a style or a look, and wear it. Have a relationship with the things you wear- that’s the key.