It seems that the past few years, couture designers have really pushed the ticket when it comes to the runway.  With the talent discovery of performers such as Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and Nicki Minaj, we've seen some of the most ridiculous, yet impressive, wardrobe stylings that are meant to create controversy amongst the general public at concerts and award shows.  It seems that no territory is unchartered in 2011; We've seen everything from hot dog outfits, to raw meat couture.  While it is not necessarily socially acceptable, these stars just seem to continuously climb the charts and gain popularity in our world.  

For fashion, this is an incredible concept because it allows designers to get creative and give a new flair of originality to each style they put on the runway.  For street fashionistas, It allows us to take our style to a new level and experiment in ways that we may not have 10 years ago.  However, with this chance to be original, many people are extending the limit towards the trashier, not classier.  

As we arrive at Spring and Summer, we have re-introduced staple items, new shapes to old pieces, and many different opportunities to accessorize.  One of the most important things to remember while dressing is that you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing, but not so comfortable where you may as well  join a nudist colony because you're in fact, wearing no clothing at all. Considering I've seen a bit of the worst of the worst so far this Spring, I feel it is my civil duty to provide you with a a stress free guide to shameless fashion that is still edgy enough, without looking tacky.  


In this set, to the left is a set of items that should never be worn together.  Lingerie alone is never a good look, except for in the bedroom. So class it up! Leopard can be warn, but warn sparingly as a garnish. Do yourself a favor, do not ever pair a leopard blouse with a mini skirt, keep it as conservative as possible.  Leave the ripped up, run and ragged pantihose at home, ladies.  This trend is not acceptable; Especially not with prints.  While dressing sexy is something we all love doing, the outfit to the left surpasses sexy and introduces a scandal. Instead, I recommend an attempt at the lingerie trend in a different direction.  Try a solid color corset, topped with a ruffled cardigan or boyfriend blazer. (I really like patterns over solids)  Pair a classic pencil skirt with some nude pumps, leaving plenty of room to accessorize with bold necklaces and jewels.  


The next trend that's taken off since last summer is Cropped Tops.  These little beauties keep us cool during the warmer months, but beware, crop tops also leave a lot of room for disaster.  Instead of putting on distressed shorts that are a little too short and far too plain, try adding a pair of high waisted, pleated, or cuffed shorts of one shade that still show off your frame while complimenting the cropped top.  I understand combat boots are all the trend in certain cities, however the trend is being abused.  If you're trying to wear combat boots, this outfit is not the answer.  Stay away from those bad boys, and say hello to a pair of chic wedges or clogs to elongate the leg. If you're trying to do a patterned blouse, try incorporating another style like a fringed or crochet vest to bring it all together.  Straw hats and oversized bags are welcome, so feel free to play. 


Nautical stripes have been in since the fall, and are staying around indefinitely.  Being comfortable with layering stripes properly is an important wardrobe concept to master.  Best advice is to keep it clean. Try to stay as far away from anything ragged or ruined. Again, those dreaded holey leggings and run up pantihose trend has got to go.  Stripes are meant to be classic so pair with a crisp pair of slacks or shorts, with flip flops for the beach, or thick wedges for a transition day to night outfit.  
Fashion this season is all about keeping it clean and fresh.  Be daring, but stay classy.  Think about the theme of each and every outfit you choose to wear, and what it represents.  Remain stylish, and don't try to take anything too far, because it just might look like a trainwreck.  
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