First and foremost, Happy St. Patricks Day! St. Patricks day is the perfect day to put your fashion trend abilties to work, and let the irish come out!

Whether it's wearing something simple like a bow, or you want to bring out the vintage irish trends. 



  A great idea for 2011 St. Patricks Day fashion is bringing out the earthly accessories, and style yourself very vintage. You can do this by wearing flowered or stone jewlery, and a long spring dress would fit perfectly for a more cashual event.

You can dress this year as the runway would show you off as well! Just by simply wearing some simple green, whether it's a shirt, dress or blazer, with black or grey.

What isn't a perfect way to accessories but by some green Ray Bans Aviators? Let your style shine this year in green!

What hair styles would go with?

Depending on whether you have bangs or not! The look to the left is the best look for someone who has a straight fringe, which the back can either be tied into a bun or half down, but! The flower accessories are a huge addition to a simple vintage irish look.

Another good look, especially if you don't have a fringe (bang) would be like how Charlize Theron styled her hair to the right. A simple wave, giving a very vintage classy look is something that you can never go wrong with.