If we want to choose the colour that is all time classic through the years this will be black. In the summer the usage of black colour is limited in accessories in the morning hours and it may be used more in the evening hours. When the breezing winds appear, in the early September, the black is back and it makes it clear that it's here to stay. Despite the personal style of every woman (from Rock to Romantic style and from the Glamorous to Vintage style) we all have  a great (or a small) amount of clothes in black colour in our closets and we all have that little-black-dress that has saved us in the last minutes. Furthermore, we can't deny that our black accessories like our black high heels or our black medium-size bag are fit with all of our outfits.




  When I was 14 my closet was full of black cloths. Maybe because of the wild aspect of myself I wanted to display or because of the rebellious sense that all the teenagers have. Maybe because of the extremely girly dresses my mum used to dress me in all the previous years. Or maybe just because of the influence from Avril Lavigne and her skater friends. Today I like black colour for many different reasons. A black piece of clothing can transform a woman into a classy, shine and feminine creature. Combining it with the right accessories, make-up and hear it can give us the look we want. Except that, every woman loves black colour because it make us look dainty






   On the runway we have loved the total black outfits. This season's black is shine and we admire it on sexy long dresses. Balmain present us a dynamic woman that her outfits remind us a figure of a Rock Queen. Shine, sexy, with big shoulders, long sleeves and marvellous belts: this is all what Balmain gives us with it's fantastic collection.






   Oscar De La Renta present us every year one of the most feminine shows in the world. It's dresses are the favourite of the majority of the celebrities. Sexy, classy and young! This is a perfect combination for an evening dress and hard to achieve as well but Oscar De La Renta thought the years shows us that if you have the talent you can achieve the best. This specific dress is one of my favourite because I can imagine it worn by a 19 year old girl and by a 65 classy lady. This is timelessness.



   Michael Kors has always great fresh ideas but his new idea is my favourite for this season. He took the long black skirt by evening fabrics and made it wearable all day long. You can combine it with really anything. I am going to try it with all of my sweaters in the morning and with body's for the night.