What's not a better way to bring in the New Year than looking absolutely brilliant! Well, now is your chance to find out what styles are the most craved in great old Britain. We had the chance to go to England's finest chains, Topshop and H&M for ladies, and Topman for men, to show you exactly what styles to look out for! Who knows, maybe we will even get you a special kiss once the clock strikes twelve. 



Why not go for the soft and gentle look? Something that says, I'm elegant and classy; a soft color does just that! All of these cocktail dresses are gorgeous, fun to play in, as well as sparkle with elegance. Do not be afraid with breaking in 2011 with class! 

Once again, keep the elegance! But for H&M's style, I decided to go with a more "comfortable" look featuring comfortable colors like grey, black and brown. Note: Mix the soft colors with the comfortable! Such as a light yellow or pink with the black, like some dresses above. 

Now it's time to get down to the men! You don't have to dress to the max this New Years Eve, but that decision is entirely up to you! There is nothing wrong with keeping the blazer on, putting it to the side, or just even wearing a cardigan instead. But, like what was mentioned to the ladies, don't be afraid to bring in class this new year. Girls don't have to be the ones catching the eyes from across the room, so dress the best. 

Why not add a few accessories while we are at it as well. 



Enjoy this New Years Eve with brilliant fashion taste! 2011 is the year to start your own trends.