Megan Fox, 24 year old actress and model, is not only known for her sexy look but also for her brilliant fashion sense! She can pull of the casual day in, as well as the sophisticated night out.

   Her casual night is very simple, but sexy! 


Megan Fox isn't the "over the top" make-up type, she is more of the simple sexy type! She isn't the overly tanned type either, so to get her look you should go with more natural colored skin to light.



  1. Light foundation that matches your skin-tone
  2. Light pink blush (nothing too drastic or bright)
  3. Pink lipstick (MAC "Snob" Lipstick)
  4. You want to use a light colored shade from lid to brow
  5. Light brown eye shadow, used on the lid as well as slightly under the eye. 
  6. Black liquid eye liner, used completely around the eye.
  7. Use black eye liner pencil on the upper corners to the corner of the eyes (This gives the eyes a bigger sexier look, also known as that cat eye effect.) 
  8. Last but not least, mascara on both top and lightly on bottom lashes. 





Look A>


  • Classic band t-shirt (Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc.) 
  • Tight jeans or jeggings. 
  • Over-use Bracelets 
  • Plain black heels
  • Great addition: Leather Jacket 


Look B>


  • Long plain black tank top 
  • Simple grey or white cardigan 
  • You can either go for fishnets like Fox did, or go with specially designed American Apparel's pantyhose
  • Boots - You can either go for short boot wedges, OR a full boot. Thigh high boots a very in this season! 
  • Important accessory : Aviators! 


Megan Fox's sophisticated look brings you back to old fashion Hollywood! Keeping it plain and simple, but giving the right features of the face the perfect "bam!". 



  1. The plain look, (like in the casual look) is what Fox heads towards. Very light skin, a light base.
  2. A light pink blush 
  3. Then, you go for for the red lipstick! MAC is the best in cosmetics to look at. 
  4. Use a very light to white eye from lid to brow
  5. Then use a liquid eye liner to create a strong line on your upper lid. Don't go too far up, but just enough to give the strong cat eye! 
  6. Then use a back eye pencil to smudge the liquid eye liner into a very natural, but dark look. 
  7. Megan Fox has very strong eye brows! Which completes the face. What you should do is find a eye brow pencil that will work for your hair color, whether it being light or dark, and create very strong / structured eye brows. 


The best part about Fox's sophisticated look is that it doesn't matter if you have a larger cleavage to very small! You can pull off her sexy look any ways. 


  • The most popular Fox look is with her cocktail dresses both featured. 
  • The colors red and black, being known as the most sexiest. As well a cream can be used as well, not being too sharp of a white but the perfect soft sexy look. 
  • The best handbag to go with this would be a clutch! This way it keeps your style very smart and sexy without going too far. 
  • Heels are obviously the last addition to this! The best look would be like the heels in the right on the right, without the toes being featured.