You can constantly read magazine after magazine about woman's fashion; what us ladies should wear, what we should do with our make-up, what shoes look best with what. When it comes to guys, they usually have to just wing it! Some manage to pull it off, but others, may just need a lesson or two. 

   There are a few male fashion icons out there whom are very modern with their style, and who seem to catch the ladies eye! One being the most recent craze, Bruno Mars





How to dress like Bruno Mars :

For his classic look, go for a flannel shirt, classic rock band tee, skinny jeans and vans. You don't have to go for the full old fashion look he has, but being as "vintage" is very in right now, it does catch the eye! 






What to wear with this look? 

The best accessories to get this Bruno Mars is a fedoras, a simple necklace and shades. He keeps it at a minimum, but just enough. 







And last but not least :

 Do not be afraid of leather! The girls are taking the step this year as well, so leather jackets are a definite must! 


Where to find these looks?


American Apparel

Urban Outfitters