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Catching up with Chelsea Eve

Designer Chelsea TempletonNot too long ago, interviewed Australian designer Chelsea Templeton on a brand she was recently launching “Chelsea Eve”. Since then the brand has grown tremendously, so we decided to catch up with Chelsea Templeton for a little update on her new spring 2012 collection. 

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Jose Duran 2012 - Warrior in Asia & Africa

This afternoon Followed up with Jose Duran on his new Spring 2012 collection, recently premiered in Dominicana Moda fashion week. The  collection is based on an interesting and expressive new concept by utilizing foreign detail and forming it into what I like to call a "Jose Duran idea". The Spring 2012 collection projects a Warrior in Asia & Africa, with famous top model Omayhra Mota promoting the new edgy line. Here's a sneak peak intro of what to expect this upcoming season from our favorite designer who loves keeping his audience up on their toes. 


Property of  Compass Audivisual
Directed by Juan Julio y Rommel Jimenez    
Produced by Humberto Contreras
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I was browsing along the Etsy website the other day and happened to stumble upon Francis Audelos's Etsy page. As I toured her online inventory I was taken away by all her beautiful feather work. Francis is a California girl who creates these bohemian like feathered clips, earings, necklaces & feather ear cuffs, due to a unique passion she cultivates with nature in which she has begun to share with the rest of the world. I was so intrigued I figured why not share her with all our readers. 


Q All your little creations are so bohemian chic! How did you get started?

A Well, By: Francis Frank started in December 2010 I've always creating whether is acting, music or crafts. I've always had a active lifestyle when It came to the arts. So, after my previous business fancyThat had hit it's end in being creative I started designing for myself and friends and I put a couple of designs on Etsy and they sold within minutes and from there it took off like wild fire.

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 Allysun Maria Dutra is a local LA designer and owner of brand Kittinhawk. Her creations are an illustration of art in its freest and most candid approach. She’s been featured in countless magazines some of which are Nylon, Vogue Women’s Daily, Flaunt and Daily Candy. “My brand is a representation of magic, the ethereal realm, punk rock, glamour and all around earthy decadence. It also represents the independent spirit of design since I am so committed to hand-made and localized economy, FREEDOM from the mundane, and love for the unique!!!.” Allysun’s work has soul; her jewelry and garments are keen to life, beauty and nature. Allysun discovered her passion for designing such beautiful pieces, after she graduated college and started experimenting by making her own clothing.

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Danielle Symes a current Westfield stylist, Inspired by friends and vintage, developed a divinely beautiful label called Penny Ann. Danielle’s signature piece, a backless leotard with frill sleeves, caused commotion at the Gilles St Markets where she first started selling her distinctive one off pieces. Danielle now runs her own website Penny Anne garments can be found all over Australia in boutiques and retailers like One Little Piece, Sooki, Wild Child, and Market HQ. Penny Anne is also making its mark on the rich and famous, celebrities like Teresa Palmer and Amber Pretty have been spotted wearing the label. Danielle Symes grew up in in the Barossa in South Australia but currently resides in Adelaide Australia. Walls covered in pictures and inspirations help Danielle hand sew and design in the comfort of her own home alongside new hubby, Australian rules football player, Brad Symes.

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