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Catching up with Chelsea Eve

Designer Chelsea TempletonNot too long ago, interviewed Australian designer Chelsea Templeton on a brand she was recently launching “Chelsea Eve”. Since then the brand has grown tremendously, so we decided to catch up with Chelsea Templeton for a little update on her new spring 2012 collection. 

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Jose Duran 2012 - Warrior in Asia & Africa

This afternoon Followed up with Jose Duran on his new Spring 2012 collection, recently premiered in Dominicana Moda fashion week. The  collection is based on an interesting and expressive new concept by utilizing foreign detail and forming it into what I like to call a "Jose Duran idea". The Spring 2012 collection projects a Warrior in Asia & Africa, with famous top model Omayhra Mota promoting the new edgy line. Here's a sneak peak intro of what to expect this upcoming season from our favorite designer who loves keeping his audience up on their toes. 


Property of  Compass Audivisual
Directed by Juan Julio y Rommel Jimenez    
Produced by Humberto Contreras
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