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Out Of Print

Do you ever miss holding an actual book in your hands to read? Do you ever miss looking at the cover of the book to maybe give you a hint of foreshadowing, or to even look at the art? Well, along with cd’s, movies, magazines, and many other things, books have moved into the digital world. Holding the actual product in our hand is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  

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Getting to know Andre Judd - Fashion Inspirer

Searching through while trying to find some new inspiration on men’s fashion, I unavoidably came across stylist and designer, Andre Judd. I was taking back by Andre's extreme individualism and beautifully peculiar looks. As I gasped through every one of his whimsical outfits I thought to myself I have got to share this fashion phenomenon with all our readers. So… here it is! gives you some insight on this week’s fashion inspirer you should know about.

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