When I saw his corner at the fair Super in Milan  I was struck by the lines that characterized the items on display, which undoubtedly fed the language of art nouveau and twentieth-century avant-gardes of those who laid the foundations for the modern, and could not be otherwise as the advocate of those lines Jugendstil was Arbesser Arthur, a young Austrian-born designer graduated from the Saint Martins in London and moved to Milan. Saturated colors and linearity characterize his work, a job that feeds on many inspirations that come from intellectual circles typical of his land like that of theater and art, but that alternate with common inspirations as “an object, a fantasy, a person seen on the street … “. The quality of the tissue plays a role equally important: his favorites are wool and silk but loves the rustic fabrics as the “loden” and the raw linen but the important thing is that “have to have character, to be special to the touch , have structure, weight or color tone only.’s a real luxury to use a special material that makes the head easier still new.  Expect to see his fashion show in Rome next July!