Marta is a fashion blogger from Poland. Author of the blog "Martalicious", where she describes trends, show her outfits and looks, and explain how is Fashion in Poland in a different perspective. 

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                                K – When do you realize your love for fashion?

When I started to earn money by myself I finally realized that I can choose what I want, that was the time when I thought about myself, about how I want

to look and that was the beggining of creation of my “style”.

                                   K – Fashion for you is..?

Great way to express myself and a lot of fun.

K – What blogs do you follow that are your favorites?

Maffashion, AlicePoint, Fashiontoast.

K - How do you describe the fashion of your country?

It's very mixed, everyone in Poland can find something for themself, I love Maciej Zień for great textile, facture and beautiful, feminine dresses, Robert Kupisz for originality and practicality of his projects and Monika Ptaszek for great chlothing for men!


K – How do you describe your style?

A little bit messy, grunge, preppy, girly. 

 K – Who/What are your inspirations?

The 80’s, Alice Dellal, Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, Natalia Kills.

K – What do you think about fashion industry in DR?

It’s awesome! There are a lot of great designers and fashion is very feminine! My favorite designers are: Moises Quesada and Damaris Rubio.


K – What are your favorite stores?

New Look, Topshop, Mohito, Bershka.

K – Any suggestions for our readers?

Visit ‘Lights of style’ fanpage! You can find a lot of inspirations there!!


Color? Pink!

One place? Our polish mountains on the south of my country.

A MUST for you is? To wear clothes that are comfortables.

Song? Beautiful things by Armin van Buuren.

Movie? Empire of the Sun.

A perfume? Christina Aguilera by night.

One book? Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

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